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    How to Maintain HIPAA Compliant Video Security for Patient Safety

    More often than not, when discussing video security, we usually think about how video helps in monitoring and protecting property.

    What HIPAA-Compliant Printers Are Available for Leasing?

    It’s 2022 and we’re all still up to our ears and paper. This includes healthcare organizations.

    RJ Young Welcomes Lacey McDonald as Chief Financial Officer

    McDonald brings 12 years of corporate and public accounting experience to RJ Young 

    Looking for Video Conferencing Solutions? Here’s What You Need to Know

    Video conferencing can be great, in that you can come to meetings in your pajamas. (Well, that’s provided that your pajama top is passable as video business ...

    How Scanning Plus Document Management Boosts Efficiency for Law Firms

    Let’s face it. Sometimes running a law firm can be tough. You can’t just keep raising your billing rates forever and expect to keep all your clients.

    The Benefits of Cloud-Based Business Phones

    Business phone systems are a critical part of your communications infrastructure. Fortunately, cloud-based telecom technologies make it easy for businesses to ...

    Why Your Business Needs Digital Document Management

    Inflation is not fun. For anyone. It’s particularly challenging for small and growing businesses with lean profit margins. But during times of economic ...

    Document Management for Law Firms

    Law firms of all sizes have been scrambling since the COVID pandemic to find stability and success. Whether your law firm is a small business, or you are part ...

    What to Look for in a Small Business Phone System

    When it comes to business telephone systems, we do have a bias. We are a big believer in leveraging the cloud for business communications. And if you run a ...

    Common Copier Security Risks

    The office copying machine can either be your friend…or your business’s worst enemy.