How to Maintain HIPAA Compliant Video Security for Patient Safety

Posted on November 21, 2022

MicrosoftTeams-image (106)More often than not, when discussing video security, we usually think about how video helps in monitoring and protecting property.

Certainly, video cameras can be used to monitor a physical location or premises to make sure everything is secure, but another valuable use is to monitor people who need help.  An article published by the Journal of Nursing Care Quality pointed out that video monitoring of patients can increase safety, reduce costs, and improve satisfaction among nurses.

Patient safety is the top priority in the healthcare field, but the word safety can have many meanings. One could be related to physical well-being, such as a patient getting all the care, attention, and treatment they need as their condition develops.

Another definition of safety could have to do with HIPAA, and protecting the patient’s information, privacy, and dignity. The challenge for medical facilities is to focus on safety in every sense of the term.

Here’s how to use video security to improve patient well-being while ensuring adherence to HIPAA compliance.

Choose Healthcare Video Surveillance Systems That Are Responsive and Secure

Video security systems allow facilities to monitor specific rooms and specific patients, archive clips for future use, and even search for faces and objects instantly. It’s more than just a live feed – it’s a comprehensive tool for patient safety.

When a patient needs to be monitored for health and safety reasons, their protection lies in the hands of the facility and its staff. By handling the surveillance process via video monitoring, and in a secure manner that is fully compliant with HIPAA, medical facilities add a layer of protection for themselves.

Consider the importance of access control. Some people will be allowed to engage in monitoring, while others may not. With the right video security setup, it’s easy to keep video feeds and footage of the patient secure and available only for the eyes of authorized personnel.

Thanks to innovations in mobile devices and cloud video technology, it’s possible for physicians and their assistants to access camera feeds and clips from anywhere so they can monitor their patients and send help at a moment’s notice, and when it’s most needed.

Relying on digital to access information does present possible security risks. The prospect of having a surveillance feed accessed by an unauthorized person in your facility is a problem – but having a security breach that results in the footage being accessed by hackers is an even more catastrophic situation.

Using modern security measures like high-level encryption and regular, automatic firmware updates, video security systems in healthcare settings can maintain robust protection for the sake of patient safety and a facility’s HIPAA compliance.

Additional Concerns to Consider with Video Security Systems in Healthcare

It’s a tough time to be a healthcare worker. The field’s future is unpredictable in some ways, leaving even the most well-prepared healthcare administrators in the dark about tomorrow.

What if your patients will need to stay longer than they expected? What if you have to move more patients in than you planned? How will you accommodate the surveillance needs of those patients to ensure they’re adequately monitored and cared for?

Our camera systems are optimized to help you achieve the perfect balance of patient safety and HIPAA compliance no matter how your needs change. Some of the most helpful features include the following:

  • Plenty of Storage: With built-in solid-state drives and unlimited cloud storage for archived clips, our camera systems are there for you no matter how complex or vast your video surveillance needs become.
  • Seamless Compatibility: No matter the type of device or browser you’re accessing the footage on, you’ll be able to do so without additional plug-ins, downloads, or configurations. Even as your facility changes, these systems will continue driving value in patient safety and HIPAA compliance.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: Adding cameras? Adding rooms? Completely revamping your facility? Our cameras are easy to set up, operate with only a single ethernet cable, and allow you to monitor their performance just as you monitor your patients.

No matter how many changes your facility goes through, and how the needs of your patients shift, you can count on our video systems to help you protect your patients’ well-being and privacy.

Improve Patient Safety with a Video Security System

Patients rely on the watchful eyes of medical professionals, and video surveillance equipment functions as a second set of eyes that can run whenever you need them.

This increased visibility can ensure a patient in need is never truly apart from a helping hand – and with a secure, updated, properly managed setup, you can maintain seamless HIPAA compliance at all times.

Gone are the days when advancements in medical technology meant dealing with unchecked liability. Get the technology you need to improve patient outcomes in safety and privacy today.

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