What is (MPS) Managed Print Services?

Posted on July 12, 2021

MPS Managed Print ServicesThe office printer is a staple in any busy office environment. Many people don’t give much thought to the printing devices in the office. But the reality is that the multifunction printer, or MFP, is an important device that contributes to the success of a business in a number of different ways.

Managed print services (MPS) help businesses make the most of the essential print devices throughout the office. From improving efficiency to cutting costs, managed print services take the time and stress of managing printers, data, and software off the hands of employees and in-house IT teams.

Creating Cost Certainty

The average office employee uses over $1800 per year in office supplies with the bulk of these expenses in printing, copying, and paper. When you multiply that by the number of employees in the office, the figure can be staggering. Worst of all, businesses may not be getting the most efficiency out of each dollar spent as pages pass through their multifunction printing devices.

MPS-business-printing-services-For one fixed fee, businesses can predict and budget for the total cost of their printing equipment, service, and toner. With managed print services, there are no surprises along the way. For a small business that is working to grow on a tight budget, that kind of certainty is paramount. Instead of being responsible for everything associated with their printing, the small business managed print services provider manages the print fleet so you can focus on your business and customers.

Improving Office Efficiency

Cost is important, but maximizing each dollar is the true benefit of managed print services. The reality is that many businesses deploy powerful multifunction printers in their offices but fail to use the features to their full potential. With MPS printing, business and workflow improvements can be developed to enable employees to become more efficient and cut back on costs.

MPS_landing_page_graphics-01With complete visibility of the entire print network, the managed print services provider can see all copiers, printers, and scanners to monitor their usage. With this vast amount of data, a managed print services provider can identify potential efficiencies to improve your business workflows while saving money along the way. This can be done with centralized data storage, digital document sharing, and more to create a truly customized plan for your business.

Over the past year, everyone has seen the importance of having an agile, digital workforce. MPS printing can help enable employees to be efficient in an ever-changing business environment.

Professional Security and Support

When most people think about cybersecurity, they don’t see printers, copiers, and scanners as a risk to their business. However, these are all connected devices with access to a network just like a laptop or smartphone. It’s incredibly important to stay on top of software and security updates to ensure that a connected MFP doesn’t become a weak point in the overall security of your business.

With managed print services, the responsibility for security and updates is transferred to the MPS provider. This ensures that a dedicated team of experts is always working to ensure equipment is up-to-date and secure. In addition, this allows in-house IT staff to focus on other tasks at hand like assisting employees with urgent needs on the ground or deploying new equipment. From a business budget standpoint, this could potentially mean money saved when compared with expanding the in-house IT staff.

See the Difference MPS Makes

Many businesses spend a lot of time and effort understanding how to enable their employees to do their best work. "Managed print services are how businesses can enable their valuable office equipment to do its best work. And, best of all, managed print services help businesses to realize cost savings along the way," said Derek Gibson, director of enterprise solutions at RJ Young. 

Your business deserves a unique and comprehensive strategy to manage printing and document storage. To see how managed print services could make an important impact and to request a meeting with the printing experts, contact RJ Young.

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