Consider MPS Printing to Cut Costs in 2021

Posted on December 18, 2020

It’s no secret that businesses across the board — from small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to enterprise-sized operations — have suffered setbacks stemming from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

While some leaders are targeting stopgap measures like hiring freezes, others are zeroing in on discretionary cost management, reducing the number of contractors and vendors, and working with supply chain suppliers that are in good financial health themselves. 

Leveraging the cost-cutting power of managed print services (MPS) is a process that can accelerate cost savings while providing value-added services to help businesses work more efficiently. 

Let’s take a deeper dive into how a strong MPS program can help your business conserve capital while promoting revenue-driving productivity.  

MPS Printing — The Right Choice to Control Print Costs 

If you’re trying to control costs in your business, you first need to understand the numbers. Surprisingly, most small businesses — up to two-thirds of them, in fact — don’t track their printing costs at all.  

One of the hallmarks of an MPS program is the ability to track and analyze these metrics and set benchmarks to make progress towards reducing overall costs.  

Here are just a few ways to illustrate how MPS printing manages this:

1. Making Metrics Clear 

Your MPS provider will begin with a data snapshot of the inner workings of your organization’s print environment. This assessment will curate the type of equipment you’re using; and uncover usage trends, supply and inventory costs, operating costs, and maintenance schedules. 

Using this data as a starting point, future data can be compiled and analyzed to show exactly where economies have been realized and ehow waste is occurring. 

2. Reducing Overspending on Supplies 

A real problem in office environments where there is no central control for print management is the overspending and stockpiling of supplies. 

Not only do unnecessary supplies take up valuable — and expensive — real estate for storage, but they tie up capital that can be better spent elsewhere. 

Unfortunately, without a managed print program in place, it can be hard to predict exactly when supplies will run out. If they do run out during a project, extra costs can be incurred when staff rush to get emergency replacements from a big-box store. 

MPS provides automated supply replenishment so your supplies are delivered at the right time, reducing the need for storage and overstocking and making sure production can proceed at full speed. 

3. One Bill for All Services 

Your print environment is more than just machines and supplies — there is also routine maintenance and troubleshooting to consider. If you aren’t covered under a managed print program, you must pay out of pocket for service calls and rely on in-house staff for maintenance. 

With an MPS printing program, all routine maintenance, including security updates, are performed on time without the need for in-house staff engagement. Troubleshooting and service calls are all included in your monthly bill, so you never have “surprise” service costs due to machine malfunction. 

Let RJ Young Design a Custom Plan for Your Business  

Today’s print environments are growing ever more complex. Not only has technology evolved at a faster pace than ever, but new business strategies have arisen to cope with the ongoing pandemic, including stronger reliance on remote workers.

Companies are struggling to provide their expanded — and sometimes scattered — workforce with the right tools to do business while keeping a close eye on their bottom lines.  

“From our vast experience with managed print processes, we know we have the right skills to help you optimize your print environment, create a strong print management strategy, and assist you in keeping your print costs to an absolute minimum.”

Thomas Hendrix, Print Management Consultant, RJ Young – Huntsville

Best of all, we can manage it while providing your staff with the right equipment to keep them productive, no matter where they are located. 

Take the first step toward proper management of your printing costs. Touch base with an RJ Young consultant and let us assess your print environment, improve your productivity and costs metrics, and help your business succeed.  

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