What are the Benefits of Network Security Monitoring?

Posted on May 07, 2021


As 2020 ended, no one could have predicted how volatile the world of network security would become. Businesses were used to the typical threats from cybercriminals, but a new wave of hackers found ways to gain access to sensitive information.  

The result? Even the largest businesses with so-called next-gen security protocols were at the center of data breaches. 

Firms such as Microsoft — the pinnacle of technology — were hit, exposing 250 million records to unauthorized access. Others, such as Wattpad, Broadvoice, Estee Lauder, Sine Weibo, and Advanced Info Service also confirmed data leaks, theft, or loss through various methods. 

And if you think only large companies get hacked — think again. Over three-quarters of cyberattacks are targeted toward small businesses because they are easy targets and they can be used to gain access to larger partners. 

Smaller businesses typically take 206 days to identify risk and then take another 73 to neutralize it. When you consider the average attack costs about $3,533 for every employee, you understand the impact this can have on a business of under 100 employees. In fact, 60% of them close within six months of a breach. 

However, using smart security protocols such as network security monitoring can detect suspicious activity and stop an attack in its tracks — before it becomes a problem.  

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of this type of monitoring. 

The Benefits of Network Security Monitoring for Your Business 

Network security monitoring consists of a series of actions that can help protect your business from cyber threats and keep it safer as threats evolveExperts work around the clock to monitor your network for suspicious activity. If it is found, they notify you and collaborate on a response. Once containment and neutralization occur, they will help you identify weaknesses and solve them, preventing further issues. 

Here are important ways this service can help provide better data protection: 

1. It Can Secure Your Remote Workplace  

Working remotely is becoming commonplace in the business world and with it, the use of personal devices, public WiFi, and nonsecure networks are bringing risk of cyberattacks. 

While virtual desktops and video conferencing allow remote colleagues to stay connected with each other and with clients, they also provide a greater threat landscape for hackers. 

Network security monitoring can help secure your remote work environment and reduce the chances of data theft or loss.

2. It Can Secure Your Cloud Environment

A cloud-based environment brings convenience and heightened productivity to many companies. However, it also provides a way for hackers to gain access, then moves laterally into your main database to steal privileges, identities, and finally, data. 

Preemptive cybersecurity solutions such as constant network monitoring are the key to discovering misconfigurations and suspicious activity before the breach can occur. 

3. It Can Uncover Vulnerabilities Before a Cyberattack

Network security monitoring is constantly checking your endpoints, infrastructure, and other elements of your network using deep learning malware protection, exploit prevention, and managed detection and response (MDR) among other technologies.  

Monitoring is conducted by a team of threat hunters and IT experts on a 24/7 basis — a team that is trained to take the right response on your behalf once a threat is detected. This means even the newest and most sophisticated attacks can be neutralized, preventing catastrophic losses of data, reputation, and money. 

Let RJ Young Provide Next-Gen Network Monitoring Solutions 

At RJ Young, we partner with leaders like Sophos, in the field of network security monitoring to bring the latest — and most comprehensive — solutions to our clients. Click here for a free 30-day trial to Sophos.  

Sophos Free Trial

Our Managed IT team can help assess and identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses and apply the right monitoring solutions to ensure your network is protected from end-to-end. Around-the-clock monitoring, threat severity determination, threat containment, and neutralization, and advice for addressing security to prevent future events are all part of the service we offer,” said Harris Delchamps, Technology Solutions Sales Manager at RJ Young. 

Protect the lifeblood of your business — your network. Touch base with an RJ Young consultant today and discover how Network Security Monitoring can help your company stay out of the crosshairs of today’s savvy cybercriminals. 

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