Corporate Data Backup: Why it Matters

Posted on April 04, 2022

Data BackupIf you work in the corporate world, you know just how demanding it can be.

Dozens of decisions, hundreds of employees, and thousands of customers are the norm in this environment.

Given that this environment has been radically changed by the age of digital transformation over the past decade, and especially during the past few years, it’s time for corporations to consider how to better guard their data.

The bigger your operation, the more data you’re likely to have – and the more data you have, the greater liability you face in the event of a disruption or breach. Corporate data backups and managed IT services can help with disaster recovery.

Even if you’ve never been targeted by a cyberattack, or had a digital blunder set you back, the risk is there. Being able to back up your information means keeping your operation going and being reliable to those who depend on you.

Digital Challenges Are Greater for Corporations

While corporations gain a wide variety of benefits from embracing digital transformation and adopting the appropriate business technology to support their goals, there are risks that come with embracing this approach.

Corporations typically carry a wider variety of sensitive and valuable information on their servers. Everything from employee records to customer payment data to trade secrets can be targeted by data thieves.

One look at the wide variety of ransomware attacks over recent years makes it clear how serious the danger is – would you be prepared if your own data was held hostage?

Or the data of your customers? Or your shareholders?

Data backups ensure that no one can ever hold your files or file structure ransom – you will be able to restore everything you need so you always maintain a sense of control in the digital space.

Are You Prepared for the Unpredictable?

Corporate IT systems aren’t just vulnerable to data thieves. Sometimes it’s the threats we least expect that can cause us to lose out on valuable data that we need in order to operate.

Whether a freak lighting strike fries your system, or a flood carries your physical hardware away, there are many acts of nature that could cause you to lose out on your critical information – unless it’s backed up somewhere secure.

Bigger Workforce, Higher Chance of Oversights

Back to the human element and its danger to your data, it’s important to remember that data isn’t always lost to malicious actors. Sometimes a simple oversight by an employee can lead to you losing out on countless important files.

Deleting the wrong folder or accidentally clicking an unsecured link is easier than you may think. Even trained and trustworthy employees can make this mistake, meaning it helps to invest in managed services including regular data backups and disaster recovery.

More workers mean more endpoints and more risk. In a small business atmosphere, you might be able to avoid worrying about this issue if you have a tight-knit staff that you can keep an eye on constantly. But in the corporate environment? Data backups are the digital version of “better safe than sorry.”

Rapid Restoration Means Minimal (or Zero) Downtime

Even if your data can be restored, the question of time is of the utmost importance. Any person in the corporate environment knows that time is of the essence at all times – because when so many resources and people are connected to your every move, wasting even a day can set you back weeks.

Rapid restoration of your data is the ideal disaster recovery result – when you work with a trusted provider of corporate IT and data backup strategies, you can be sure that you’ll experience minimal downtime in the event of data loss. In some cases, you may not experience any noteworthy downtime at all.

Could you be confident that your corporation would keep on working at optimal levels if an attack, accident, or act of nature caused you to lose data?

Corporate Data Backups Keep You (and Your People) Confident

Above all, corporate entities function as leaders in their field. These organizations aren’t immune to disasters – in fact, sometimes their scope and scale can actually make them more likely. But the key to success in this type of setting lies in preparedness.

Taking a proactive approach to securing your business technology and protecting your data positions you as a company others can be confident in. Whether they’re buying from you, working for you, or investing in your future, data backups help you be there for everyone you serve in the company and out.

Corporate life presents a lot of complications in terms of data management. You can’t guarantee your information will never be put in jeopardy or even lost – but you can guarantee that you’re able to retrieve it in its entirety and in a timely manner. Contact us today for corporate IT solutions including data backups and disaster recovery.

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