How Elevate Phone Systems Solve Business Communication Problems

Posted on July 06, 2021

Elevate Phone SystemWith all the communication options such as email, instant messaging, and texting; there’s still something to be said for the classic phone call. Hearing someone’s voice on the other line and having a real-time conversation is something that will never disappear from the business world. With that said, the traditional landline has become outdated. A common alternative is to equip employees with business cell phones but that can prove to be a costly investment when factoring in many devices as well as plans for each device.  

Thanks to technology, there is a solution that can offer the flexibility of a smartphone as well as the benefits of the dedicated office landline. Elevate Phone Systems is a leading voice over internet protocol (VOIP) service that many businesses implement to solve their complex communication needs. Plus, Elevate offers so much more than just voice calls which makes it a value-packed offering for small business phone systems that rely on effective communication. 

Bringing All Channels Together 

The communication landscape is somewhat fragmented these days. The pandemic and the rush to have employees work remotely put this challenge on full display for both businesses and their customers. As employees packed up their laptops to move to their home offices, they left their desk phones behind. Video chat became incredibly popular as people looked to fill the void left behind by canceled in-person meetings.  

Elevate Phone Systems bring together several communication channels into a single cloud-based platform to offer a combination of flexibility and cost certainty. With voice calling, video conferencing, sms, and team chats all in one solution; fragmentation is a thing of the past. In addition, Elevate EXTEND Phone Systems integrates seamlessly with tools and services already used by businesses around the world including Salesforce, Microsoft products, and Google services. 

Enabling the Workforce Anywhere  

One great thing about an office landline is that a customer could always call a number and know it goes directly to the person they want to speak with.  With VOIP services, phone calls can go wherever there an internet connection. Whether that’s using a desktop app while working from home or using a smartphone app while on the go, that single phone number connects to several different devices.  

Not only does this enable employees to be available anywhere, it also allows them to untether from their desk with the confidence they won’t miss that next important call. For a sales team, this could mean more time in front of their clients.  The value in a VOIP system from Elevate Phone Systems isn’t just in the cost savings but it’s also in the potential of what a fully enabled workforce can deliver to the business. 

 Elevate Phone System

Scales Quickly and Affordably 

Onboarding a new team member can require a lot of time and expense. Of course, new employees can enable the business to grow so it’s an important investment in the future. With Elevate Phone Systems, businesses only pay for what they need and scales as their needs grow. A new employee can have their own dedicated line and be making calls through the smartphone app right away. No need to call the phone company, sign up for a new line, purchase new phone hardware, and then deploy that to the employee’s office.  

This also means in-house IT staff can continue focusing on their day-to-day duties instead of setting up a new employee’s phone.   

Next-Generation Communication, Today 

That traditional voice call doesn’t have to go away, it must adapt to today’s modern communication landscape. Business phone systems need to be flexible, reliable, and efficient. . To learn more or to get a personalized introduction to this leading cloud-based VOIP service, contact the business phone system experts at RJ Young today.

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