How Your Small Business Phone System Can Help

Posted on August 31, 2020

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Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VOIP, is a telecommunications technology that is projected to earn $194.5 billion in global revenue by 2024.  

The reason business leaders are turning to VOIP as their primary small business phone system is the way it can reduce operational expenses while providing significant advantages over traditional telephone switching (PBX) equipment.

Tracking the 8 Advantages of VOIP in Your Small Business Phone System

In a world where connectivity is key for marketing, production, and most business processes, VOIP provides a strategic way to communicate without compromising the bottom line.  

In particular, let’s take a closer look at the advantages VOIP phone systems bring to small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). 

1. Cost Savings are Generous 

If cost is key for your SMB, VOIP is the right phone system for you.  

With traditional PBX equipment, companies must maintain expensive infrastructure to provide uninterrupted service. VOIP, however, functions using in-place internet access, removing the need to maintain costly equipment. 

Additionally, VOIP can eliminate long-distance charges for international calls, since you’re using the internet to connect. It also provides features such as voice mail, video conferencing, and video calling — all part of its basic functionality. 

2. Scalability is Simple 

Need to add lines for new employees?  

You can simply add them. No need to purchase g additional hardware. This is perfect for scaling up — or down — at a moment’s notice, giving the flexibility to pivot quickly and address market changes.  

3. Moving is Easy 

If your company — or your employees — are on the move, VOIP moves with them.  

Simply unplug your phone and plug it in at your new location for instant service. Numbers stay the same so customers don’t experience any lag in service. 

4. Installation is a Breeze 

Most VOIP providers can use your existing internet connections and network for their systems, eliminating the need to run additional wires or purchase expensive infrastructure.  

5.  It’s Feature-Rich 

VOIP provides a wide variety of features and functions that come standard with the service. Voicemail to email, conference calling, Caller ID functions, and voice messaging are included. 

6.  It’s Always Up to Date 

With traditional equipment, updates only happen if you have a maintenance contract. Not only that, they’re typically expensive. VOIP equipment is under constant maintenance and new features, software updates, security patches, and integrations are performed on a regular basis.

7. Integration is Standard 

With VOIP, typical applications such as Skype for Business, Outlook, and Gmail give you the option to connect contacts for seamless integration.  

8. No Power? No Problem! 

Don’t let a power outage take down your company’s productivity level or interfere with customer services. VOIP providers have multiple data centers across the globe, so they can use cell phone routing to make calls happen — even if your power is out. 

RJ Young Can Help You Stay Connected with VOIP 

RJ Young understands how important it is to stay connected — with staff and customers alike. That’s why we stand behind our stellar VOIP services, as they offer considerable advantages over traditional telecommunications systems for the modern business. 

When your business needs to communicate 24/7, VOIP offers you the leverage and power of any device, anywhere, to stay connected to customers and coworkers. You can choose from features such as fax, voice messaging, and even SMS text applications. And, because VOIP services leverage IP networks, these services are available to you and your employees anywhere you have an internet connection. 

Choose a modern telecommunications system that will take your business farther — for less. Contact an RJ Young representative today and get started saving money — and making connections! 

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