What AV Office Solutions are Essential?

Posted on June 28, 2021

AV office solutions

Workplaces are transitioning. Many have team members returning to the office while others continue to work from home. And then, some employers are in the middle, directing team members to work a hybrid schedule with a mixture of both home and office work.  

The pandemic forced businesses to adapt to a rapidly changing landscape. Communication was one of the major challenges many had to deal with as operations continued. As a result, the way people interact both in their business and personal lives has changed forever.  

To enable modern, flexible communication; businesses need to evaluate their offices’ audio visual (AV) solutions and assess whether they meet modern needs. There are some essential AV solutions that almost every modern office will need to implement in today’s working environment. 

Video Conferencing Solutions 

Video chatting and conferencing experienced a huge boom in 2020 and into 2021. Video conferencing has seen a 535% rise in daily traffic in 2020according to digitalintheround.com. The video conference quickly replaced the traditional boardroom meeting. Video conferencing is not a trend that’s going away.  With stats showing virtual conference rooms improving productivity by as much as 50%, it will be a mainstay of the modern office.  

This presents some challenges though. 

When everyone was new to the modern way of hosting a meeting, the traditional laptop camera served its purpose just fine. However, expectations for video meetings are increasing. Businesses need to provide a professional appearance, especially when hosting virtual client meetings. As a result, many modern offices are creating digital board rooms for meetings. This involves setting up a television, high-definition camera, and equipment so meeting participants can gain the optimal experience. This setup maintains the professionalism of a board room meeting while allowing businesses to invite prospects and customers into the office virtually. 

Interactive Whiteboards 

AV office solutionsThe old, classic dry-erase whiteboard (and its predecessor, the chalkboard) has served its purpose admirably. What would high school have been without one? However, nostalgia aside, it’s time for businesses to evolve. Interactive whiteboards are the wave of the future and offer all the benefits of a traditional whiteboard with a whole host of other communication features. This enables team members to collaborate like never before with real-time editing and sharing. Since they are also connected to a network, they can access a wide range of resources on the internet. 

Interactive whiteboards have already become incredibly popular in classrooms across the country and businesses are beginning to take note. They are the perfect addition to a meeting room to assist with presentations, training, and more. 

Digital Signage 

The world changes fast and signs should too. Digital signage is rapidly replacing more traditional posters or display boards. Anyone who walks into a new fast-food restaurant or coffee shop is more likely to see the menu on a bright, vibrant display as images cycle to capture the eye. Offices are implementing digital signage to use in place of a more traditional directory. The possibilities are endless. 

One of the biggest advantages of digital signage is how quickly it can be updated and changed to meet up-to-date messaging adjustments. Want to impress a client when they stop in for a big meeting? Update the signs to display a welcome message. Introducing a new food or beverage item? Advertise it with video or animation that will surely capture someone’s attention. These changes can be made quickly and with relatively no cost. Posters and traditional signs take planning and time to create. Not to mention, there is a cost every single time that signage is updated. Over months and years of signage changes, the costs can add up. That also creates a lot of waste as posters and out-of-date signs are disposed of. 

Building the Modern Office with AV Solutions 

“There are several sensible but effective audio visual technology solutions that businesses can implement. Adapting to the way people communicate today can help a business grow more quickly with virtual meetings, stunning signage, and more interactive in-person meetings,” said Heath Stripling, technology solutions implementation manager. 

To learn more about the many different forms of AV solutions available, or to request a personalized consultation, contact the experts at RJ Young. 

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