What is The Modern Office?

Posted on November 16, 2021

Modern Office Demo Whether your organization is a law firm, church, school, or any other business, you have more room to gain efficiency and profitability by better leveraging technology. The Modern Office concept will ensure you do just that. So, what is The Modern Office? 

A Modern Office is smart. It integrates technology as a business advantage. It makes day-to-day processes easier, faster, and more sophisticated to improve efficiencies and outcomes. These solutions include digital communications, managed IT services, business process outsourcing, and office equipment and technology.  

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RJ Young’s modern office concept was created to help businesses with the challenges they face as they turn to business technology. There were three main challenges that were repeatedly faced by RJ Young’s more than 50,000 business clients. 

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  1. They were overwhelmed. With thousands of technologies on the market, most don’t have the time or tech expertise to vet viable options. 
  2. Synchronization. Their technologies don’t talk to each other. This lack of synchronization causes major workflow inefficiencies which decreases productivity and can ultimately decrease your bottom line.  
  3. Optimization. Some businesses invest in the technology but aren’t using it to its full advantage. They either don’t have the expertise in-house or don’t have the bandwidth to fuss with the technology once it’s in place.  

 Fortunately, RJ Young can help with these challenges.

  • We have already vetted the best technologies on the market.
  • We have a team of experts that can sync your technologies and help you optimize them to their full advantage.  

Modern Office demo

The Modern Office is arranged into 4 overarching categories:  

  1. Digital Communications – Communication is key. Especially as workplaces move to hybrid and work from home environments. This category addresses audio visual technology and business phone systems like voip where all your communications features – messaging, video conferencing, voice calling, and webinars – are all rolled into one. 

  2. Managed IT Services - This category covers network security, disaster planning, and recovery, and remote work monitoring and automation. Managed IT services are in much higher demand with the increase in remote work and network security challenges. 

  3. Business Process Outsourcing – Running a business requires a lot of behind-the-scenes operations, personnel, software, equipment, etc. When you outsource back-end processes, you can focus on core initiatives, avoid turnover headaches, and save time and money. BPO includes managed print services, digital mailroom services, and promotional printing and apparel. 

  4. Office Equipment & Technology – This refers to your copiers, printers & scanners, security cameras, and document management systems. These are the core of any business to support collaboration, productivity, security, and mobility. 

An office that leverages a combination of these services and products from these categories is a “Modern Office.” 

Is your office modern? If not, let us help! 

RJ Young offers more than 30 technology solutions to power your business. We can be your one-stop for all of your modern office needs. No need to work with multiple vendors. We pride ourselves on being a partner, not just a vendor. We partner with the best technology experts and have the highest quality staff to customize the perfect modern office technologies. Let RJ Young be your trusted partner.  

To dive further into the modern office concept and how RJ Young can tackle your business technology challenges for you, download our free Modern Office demo! 

Modern Office Demo


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