Why Scanner Security Is Important

Posted on November 28, 2022

Scanning ServicesSo you think you might finally be able to get around to dealing with all of those paper files? It’s time to get them scanned in and digitized at last. But there is a problem. Sure, you have a scanner on hand, but your business doesn’t have any sort of workflow or systems in place to securely scan and file everything electronically.

This is where professional scanning services can help.

It’s important to do this right. The last thing you want to do is expose vulnerable data to hackers, competitors, or hostile actors.

Why Is Scanning Security Important?

Most businesses have confidential documents that should not be made public. Your company probably has such private documents, including financial statements, prototype designs, and personnel files. If you run a healthcare organization, you have regulatory requirements such as HIPAA to follow. Security must be a top priority for anyone using a scanning machine.

There are three main areas of vulnerability for scanners:

Paper Document Workflows

If your office has a closet full of file cabinets, and you are finally getting around to digitizing those files, that’s a good thing. However, without proper security measures, the digitizing process could be a nightmare. And, even before digitalization, documents that are left on paper can be vulnerable to theft or natural disasters. A fire in the building could wipe out your entire filing system.

Digitizing documents is a smart thing to do, but you also need to make sure the paper-to-digital workflows are secure.

For example, let’s say a filing cabinet is starting to be transitioned to digital. Who gets their hands on the files? Are these files put through the scanner in an organized fashion? And what happens to the files after they are scanned? Is the scan verified before the document is destroyed? Or is it possible that the document might not have been scanned properly and is destroyed before an electronic version is made? This could be a disaster for some businesses.

Scanner Vulnerabilities

When it comes to cyberattacks, a lot of people just think about computers. They forget about peripherals such as scanners and printers. Scanners can be a target for hackers. You might not even know that your scanner has been attacked. They could have set up monitoring software that would track all of the information being sent to and from the scanner. So this is one area of vulnerability.

Digital File Security

The third area of vulnerability is of course what happens to the document once it’s been scanned and digitized. Will the document be kept on a local computer? Or will it be kept in the cloud? A local computer is not a great place to keep digital files – what if something happens to it? If the documents are put in the cloud, then where? Is your team just using a shared Google Drive account? Are there access controls on the files? What happens if an employee leaves? Do they still have access to company documents?

As you can see scanner security doesn’t just involve the physical machine, although that can be an important part of this cybersecurity mix. Scanner security includes every step of the process of scanning, from gathering physical documents to saving the electronic versions once they are made.

How Scanning Services and Document Management Can Help

As you can see scanning needs to be done correctly in order for it to be secure. Because it can be such a big job, it’s often better to work with a qualified third-party vendor offering scanning services like RJ Young.

Our professional scanning services take care of your digitization efforts for you. Backfile scanning services done by professionals are organized and systematic. Trained experts work on digitizing your documents into a security system that allows you to access everything you need later on easily. This document management solution includes access controls and sharing abilities so that your team can quickly get their fingers on what they need to get the work done.

Improve Scanner Security With Professional Scanning Services and Document Management

If it’s finally time to digitize your files, RJ Young can help with professional scanning services and document management. Our experts will help wrangle your files and make sure they get securely digitized and filed in an easy-to-search secure system.

Interested in transitioning your documents to digital? RJ Young offers reliable scanning services and document management solutions. Contact us today at 800-347-1955 to speak to one of our scanning experts.

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