How Custom Promotional Products Make Unique Corporate Holiday Gifts

Posted on October 01, 2019


Consumers have more choices than ever when it comes to the products and services they buy – and that choice does not end when they sign a contract with a company. Customer retention is crucial to sustainable company growth which is where promotional products come into play. Custom promotional products are well-known for their effectiveness in the realm of marketing, and it is no mystery why. A thoughtful, well-considered item may be just the right nudge to increase brand awareness or add a special touch to a customer’s experience.

The many benefits of promotional items make them popular all year-round, but they make excellent corporate holiday gifts as well. Fall is just around the corner, making now an excellent time to consider that perfect corporate gift for a specific individual, or a small token of appreciation for customers. RJ Young’s custom promotional products help keep companies at the top of customers’ minds throughout the next year!

Why Are Promotional Products Important to Companies?

Leave a lasting impact and build customer loyalty this holiday season

Everybody loves swag, especially when it is free and useful. Business promotional items fall into both categories, making them an excellent marketing and customer relations tool.

Research indicates that people actually do use the promotional items companies give them. A study by the Advertising Specialty Institute discovered that people hang on to company promotional items for an average of eight months. Items that served a purpose, such as tote bags or promotional desk accessories, reported a much higher average lifespan of 14 months.

However, business promotional items do more than benefit the people who receive them. They are also an excellent opportunity for a company to:

  • Increase customer (and employee) loyalty.

Thoughtful promo products are a great way to inspire customer loyalty because they promote positive associations with a brand. By gifting people an item that they can use, sends a subtle message about a brand’s commitment to creating value, not just generate profit.

  • Promote better relationships with clients.

Like gift-giving in a social context, corporate gifts represent a way of showing appreciation and gratitude for a relationship. By hand-delivering corporate holiday gifts, companies can have personalized face-to-face interactions with their customers which creates a positive and memorable customer experience.        

  • Increase ROI by staying within budget.

Promotional items have a fantastic return on investment (ROI). They can generate up to 50% more recall rate for potential customers than traditional media buys. RJ Young’s team of specialists will help identify great promotional items to meet any goals, budget, and timeline.

  • Improve brand visibility.

As companies who are fond of branded pens may know, promo products will work their way into unexpected places. 89% of consumers can recall the advertiser even two years after receiving a promotional product. Improve brand visibility by branding small promotional items with a logo that can travel easily.

  • Generate sales with industry-specific products

Promotional products which target specific audiences can and do motivate people to take action. Therefore, consider branded corporate gifts for individuals which align closely with the person’s interests or tastes to maximize lead generation.

Top Tech-Savvy Custom Promotional Products for the 2019 Holiday Season

Bring a brand into the tech-age by putting your logo on the latest technology

Exceptional promotional items are not just fun and eye-catching. Their usefulness also ensures that they stick around for months after the holidays, spreading the company’s brand far and wide. For the 2019 holiday season, break out of the mold by gifting classy, tech-savvy promo items which people will use frequently.

TSA-Approved Neoprene Laptop Case

Whether having forgotten to empty a pocket before the scanner, or dealing with an ultra-diligent agent, items that make the airport security process less stressful are always appreciated.

A TSA-approved laptop case takes a step out of the entire screening process by allowing an individual to leave their laptop securely zipped up and protected.

Browse TSA-Approved Neoprene Laptop Cases

Power Banks for Mobile Devices

A power bank provides a battery boost for mobile devices minus the need for an external power source. These small, easily transported devices can travel anywhere and allow users to recharge their phones, tablets, GPS devices, and more.

For companies interested in a product which sends a message about a commitment to environmental sustainability, consider one created from sustainably harvested wood. It is a sleek, aesthetically pleasing, and eco-friendly choice.

Browse Power Banks

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Help clients get their holiday parties started with a portable Bluetooth speaker.

These small but powerful devices deliver superior sound quality and automatic pairing with nearby compatible devices.

They are available in a wide range of price points to fit any companies budget. They even come in waterproof options which can be useful for any scenario!

Browse Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Wireless Charging Portfolios

With most people carrying multiple wireless devices, a charging portfolio can be just the thing to help keep devices organized and charged.

For professionals on the go and tech-oriented clients, it’s a useful reminder of the value which a company offers. These sleek portfolios have built-in portable charges to make sure you’re always

            Browse Wireless Charging Portfolios

Travel Tech Organizers

As anyone with numerous cords, adapters, and devices can attest, they can be an absolute nightmare to keep safe, clean, and organized while loose in a bag.

Tech organizers, however, remain one of the best-kept secrets of tech-savvy people. Surprise someone with a gift they didn’t know existed and help them keep their electronics organized while keeping your brand top of mind.

Browse Tech Organizers

16GB Flash Drive

Inject a bit of color into the office with a flash drive that can hold large files.

At 16GB, this high-speed USB 2.0 swivel twister flash drive contains more than most other flash drives. With a variety of colors to choose from you will be able to find the perfect color to match your companies brand color.

Browse 16GB Flash Drives

Other Custom Promotional Products for the 2019 Holiday Season

Looking for something a little more traditional? Consider:

Games and Sports

Prepare for the holiday game season with gear that displays a company’s logo. With a wide range of items such as golf balls, folding chairs, stadium blankets, cornhole bean bags, and more, RJ Young has everything to suit a client’s interests.

Desk Items

Help people achieve their productivity resolutions. Consider customized desk items including notepads, ballpoint pens, mousepads, cell phone stands, desk calendars, and much more.

Mugs and Drinkware

Orca Tumbler

Fight off the cold winter air with branded drinkware that will keep the cocoa hot. Choose from quality custom Orca tumblers, Orca coolers, Tervis tumblers, coffee mugs, water bottles, and travel cups. The drink options are endless.


Useful Items Under $15

With high-quality promotional products and prices to fit all budgets, find something for everyone this holiday season. RJ Young offers a unique variety of personalized gifts for under $15, including silicone phone wallets, lip balm, umbrellas, and more.

Increase Brand Recognition This Holiday Season with RJ Young’s Promotional Items Everyone Will Love

During the upcoming holiday season, reinvent the idea of promo items by giving out practical, unique corporate gifts that customers will love. The possibilities of custom promotional products for small businesses extend well beyond basic hoodies and pens. RJ Young offers thousands of items to consider for a wide range of budgets. As a one-stop-shop for promotional products and business gifts, RJ Young will help companies take advantage of every opportunity to convey value and promote their business.

Start browsing for holiday gift ideas in RJ Young’s Promotional Catalog today or complete a contact form for more information.

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