Protect Against COVID Delta Variant with These Safety Solutions

Posted on August 20, 2021

Covid safetyExperts predict that the 2021 fall and winter cold and flu season is going to be catastrophic, and that is on top of an increasing surge in the novel coronavirus’ new mutation — the Delta variant. COVID’s Delta variant is more transmissible than other variants by about 50%. Importantly, in some areas breakthrough cases are occurring even in people who have been fully immunized, allowing the virus to spread rapidly through the population. But non-vaccinated individuals are 2.5 times more likely to contract the Delta variant and many states — particularly those in the Southern regions of the United States — are lagging when it comes to vaccination rates.

Businesses are justifiably concerned over the spread of this new variant just as workspaces are fully reopening and many protections such as mask mandates have been removed in many areas. An outbreak could not only reduce productivity and affect bottom-line health, but it could also shake public trust in your business.

Fortunately, there are some simple, cost-effective ways to keep employees and visitors alike more protected.

Protecting Your Business with COVID Delta Variant Safety Solutions

PPEAs a business owner, you want to keep your staff healthy, and your doors open to maximize profitability and maintain a level of trust and integrity with your employees and your customers. Even though the current health climate may seem grim, it is easier than you think to protect your business using these leading-edge COVID Delta variant safety solutions.

  1. Rethink Reimplementing Travel

Many companies send employees on business travel to conferences, client meetings, and buying trips on a regular basis. Travel brings you into close contact with a large number of people and with frequently touched surfaces in planes and airport terminals. And, some areas of the country have severe COVID outbreaks, which should be considered when making travel plans.

Think carefully about asking employees to travel and opt for video conferencing or other methods of attending critical meetings and events.

  1. Utilize Audio Visual Technology

With so many working remotely and most already being accustomed to digital media, audio visual solutions have become a natural, necessary means of progression that all organizations should prioritize to improve communication.

By partnering with our audio visual specialists, you’ll receive advanced AV and video conferencing systems tailored to your unique business needs.

  1. Consider Access Control with Temperature Screening Kiosks

The health and safety of your staff is critical, but it is difficult to maintain when peoples’ tendency is to go to work — even when they don’t feel well. In fact, a recent study showed that 80-99.2% of people would go to work when symptomatic.

To stay protected, consider installing temperature screening kiosks at entry points to your business. These kiosks alert administrators when someone with a temperature outside of the designated range attempts entry. These kiosks mount to existing surfaces or can be used as a floor stand and they yield accurate readings in under a second so there are no logjams at entries.

Importantly, they employ facial recognition technology that works even when a mask is in place and can be used to verify mask-wearing if your business has that requirement for entry.

  1. Stay Protected with Several Levels of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

PPE temperature screeningMask wearing can be a simple and easy way to help employees and visitors stay protected. And now, you can even help reach more prospects and solidify your brand standing with custom-branded reusable masks. But you can increase your protection level by adding other PPE to your arsenal, such as:

  • Plexiglass room dividers and floor label signage for social distancing.
  • Providing hand sanitizing stations and ensure that sanitizer is available at several locations around your brick-and-mortar office or business.
  • Helping employees keep their hands clean to minimize germ transmission by providing antimicrobial touch-free key rings to help them open doors, punch keypads, and more in a contactless manner.
  • Considering anti-fog face shields as an alternative to masks
  • Providing sanitary, nitrile gloves, robes, and/or shoe coverings where appropriate

Finally, if you don’t have a temperature sensing kiosk, consider purchasing a no-contact infrared digital thermometer to track temperatures without close contact.

RJ Young Provides the Safety Solutions You Need to Defend Against the COVID Delta Variant

"At RJ Young, we understand the need for businesses to keep employees and visitors safe while remaining operational, even under extreme conditions such as those posed by the COVID Delta Variant. To help our clients gain the greatest protection possible in a cost-effective way, we have curated a variety of tools and technologies that will help you protect your greatest assets — your staff and your customers — as we continue to respond to the ongoing pandemic," said VP of technology services, Chad Lagrone. 

Get the tools and technology that can help protect your staff and customers from COVID. Touch base with an RJ Young consultant today and discover how our suite of PPE and technologies like our temperature-sensing kiosks can amplify the safety factor of your business.

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