The Cannata Report: What’s next for RJ Young in a post-COVID world

Posted on February 25, 2021

The Cannata Report speaks with our COO, AJ Baggott on RJ Young's 2021 goals.

RJ Young AJ BaggottIt’s never too late to discuss goals for 2021. In this excerpt from our February virtual panel series where industry leaders discuss what’s next in a post-COVID world, two of The Cannata Report’s Dealer Advisory Board members share their organization’s goals for 2021.

“As a company, we have set a goal to achieve our 2020 budgeted goals in the core business in spite of the fact that we continue to experience issues from COVID and forecast ongoing declines in click volumes going forward. Our unlimited programs continue to have significant momentum in our marketplace, providing our customers with some level of stability and predictability during unpredictable times. Further, we experienced substantial growth in our managed IT services and other managed services offerings in 2020 and are setting a goal for even more substantial growth in those areas in 2021.   We have found many opportunities to expand inside our current customers accounts, but also to break through into new customers who may not be looking for a print vendor but need our expertise in other areas.  We experienced nearly 200% growth YOY in these areas and expect that sort of momentum to continue.” AJ Baggott, COO, RJ Young Company

Read the article here.

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