Temperature Kiosk Giveaway Winners Announced

Posted on December 02, 2020

We’re honored to introduce you to two adaptive organizations that will be receiving free temperature kiosks

As the United States moves into Flu Season, COVID cases are on the rise. U.S. cases are up more than 30 percent in the last 14 days according to Johns Hopkins University.   

Simultaneously, many organizations are planning at least a partial office return. This combination will require organizations to be more vigilant than ever to ensure the health and safety of employees, customers, patients, students, and guests.   

To better equip businesses with the tools they need to safely operate and return to work, RJ Young hosted a temperature kiosk giveaway. 

“Millions of businesses have closed their doors permanently amid COVID-19. Those that have remained in operation have had to make major adjustments. Not only are business leaders worried about their businesses, they’re worried about the health and safety of their people. We want to help – if even in a small way. That’s why we’re hosting this giveaway.” 

RJ Young CEO, Chip Crunk

Based on the narrative component of the submission, we’re honored to announce and highlight two kiosk winners.  

St. Dominic Catholic School, Mobile, AL: 

St. Dominic Catholic School

With nearly 400 students who range from 2 to 14 years old, St. Dominic – like so many schools – has been through so much this year. They not only have to consider the health and safety of their students and teachers, they also must accommodate students and teachers who have medical conditions which render them “high risk” amid our global pandemic. Since opening their doors August 12th, they’ve checked the temperatures of all students, staff and faculty daily. It’s been a big job for a small staff. They say, “A thermal scanner would help us immensely. This device would assist with ensuring the safety of our community by signing in visitors to our front office.

Students jump for joy at winning a temperature kiosk
St. Dominic Catholic School students and staff are excited to win a temperature kiosk.

Columbia Pediatrics – Columbia, TN: 

Columbia Pediatrics

Serving eight counties in Tennessee, Columbia Pediatrics’ team is on the frontlines of COVID-19. As parents “wait out” COVID, many are keeping their children from standard checkups and health screenings. Columbia Pediatrics’ leadership aims to help parents and patients feel secure and confident in the clinic they’re walking into, even amid a pandemic. The temperature kiosk will help reduce risk and instill additional confidence – all so children can continue to get the care they need.  

Columbia Pediatrics staff
Columbia Pediatrics

“We included the narrative component to the submission because we want to showcase what business leaders have been through, and most importantly, how they and their teams have leveraged grit and ingenuity to adapt amid chaos and uncertainty. It’s been a challenging year and we’ve all stepped up to it. That deserves recognition.” 

RJ Young COO, AJ Baggott

Thank you to all who entered the giveaway. Your stories inspired us and, in many cases, left us overwhelmed with emotion. You will all be receiving a token of appreciation for sharing your stories and your hearts with us.  

It has been amazing to witness how many businesses, of all sizes, have been innovative while adapting to the new normal. The strength and resilience showcased by each of the businesses that entered our giveaway is encouraging and gives us hope that together, we will persevere through these challenging times! 

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