RJ Young Announced as one of the NBJ's 2022 Best Places to Work

Posted on June 21, 2022

It’s time to meet the 2022 Best Places to Work honorees.

These are the companies with positive work environments, bosses who inspire their teams and the ability to have fun while finding success across all parts of the business.

To assemble the list, nominations were accepted from the public, and employees of nominated companies were asked to complete an online survey conducted by Quantum Workplace. The employee survey measures 10 key engagement categories. Responses from each question of each completed survey are compiled and evaluated. Companies are ranked and winners are chosen in each size category by their composite score.

Read more from the winning companies below to learn how they’ve changed their workweek, how their culture has changed and what their stance is on four-day workweeks.

RJ Young Announced as one of the NBJ's 2022 Best Places to Work

Category: Giant (250+ employees)

Top local executive: Chip Crunk, CEO

Culture changes since pandemic: Our culture has always been very family-oriented and trying to bring our teams together for a purpose that promotes our core values. During the pandemic we lost the opportunity for many of those gatherings, but we’ve been fortunate that in 2022 we’ve begun to start those traditions back up and get back to serving our communities in-person.

Biggest employee request: We are similar to many organizations in that we are getting requests for flexibility. I don’t think that means working 100% remotely or being 100% in the office, but rather allowing team members to get their work done while also navigating a world with challenges as a result of the pandemic.  

New Nashville sales pitch to interviewees:As a technology company, we offer a very modern and innovative workplace that allows for a seamless integration of on-site and remote working. 

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