How Small Businesses Save Money with Managed Print Services

Posted on July 07, 2018

In the age of Big Business, it can be hard for smaller companies to compete with corporate giants. With revenue being a fraction of their large competitors, an efficient way to ensure a small business’s longevity is by cutting unnecessary costs. One of the largest expenditures for companies of all sizes is printing. Even though printing costs make up nearly 15% of yearly spending, approximately 90% of organizations fail to track them. This oversight could be costing your business thousands of dollars each year! Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem- Small Business Managed Print Services. 

What Are Managed Print Services?

A majority of companies use multiple vendors for their different printing products and services. When multiple vendors are involved, determining who to pay for servicing issues becomes a lot more costly and time-consuming. Managed Print Services (MPS) allow for all of your print solutions, devices, and services to be managed under one roof – saving you time and money.

How Can MPS Benefit My Small Business?

Your small businesses will enjoy more than just a decrease in total cost by choosing MPS. With print management, your business will also see a boost in productivity and transparency.

MPS Saves You Money:

Never be surprised by a printing invoice again. For one flat monthly fee, Managed Print Services covers all your printers, supplies, servicing, and repairs- everything but the paper. Fixed printing costs can save your business up to 30% in printing costs per month!

Small businesses are always expanding and changing. So, to help ensure that all of your needs are met, MPS provides quarterly reviews for your company.

MPS Boosts Your Productivity:

Tracking down who is responsible for a piece of equipment becomes challenging when multiple vendors are involved in a company’s printing. With MPS, all of your printing is under one umbrella, so you never have to wonder who your point of contact is for your equipment. Simply put, MPS lets you spend time focusing on work rather than keeping up with invoices and vendors.

Your IT specialists will thank you as well! Equipment dealers often use a wide-array of software for their equipment. Therefore, when multiple are used, your IT team has to deal with several forms of software. MPS removes this problem by utilizing fewer software programs, giving your IT team the ability to focus on other areas of your business.

MPS Provides Better Transparency:

Government Compliance & Regulation

Operating your small business can be difficult when there are so many laws and regulations to follow. With MPS, you can make sure you have access to all required documents needed for laws and regulations such as:

  • Sarbanes-Oxley

Department-Specific Usage:

MPS devices allow you to see where your printing costs are coming from. The data you are provided will allow you to bill back departments for their monthly usage. You also have the capability to allot a certain amount of printing to a device, which keeps you in control of your expenses.

Learn More About Managed Print Services:

Whether you are a small, medium, or large business, Managed Print Services can help get your printing under control-cutting cost and improving efficiency. Check out the video below to find out more about RJ Young’s Print Services.

Click here to learn more about how RJ Young’s Managed Print Services could help your company. Find out more ways your company can save money and optimize its efficiency with RJ Young. For more information or questions regarding MPS complete a online form or call 800-347-1955. 

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