Top Technologies Company Leaders Should Embrace in 2023

Posted on January 09, 2023

Top Technologies in 2023As we move into the new year, businesses are looking for ways to overcome the challenges posed by 2022: ongoing supply chain disruptions, economic uncertainty, changes in consumer demands, and shifts in the way business is conducted. For many, this means a renewed interest in achieving or completing their digital transformation.

Businesses are refocusing efforts on digital transformation by concentrating on investments in technology, so it’s no surprise that the top technologies for 2023 emphasize business-oriented goals such as productivity, security, and cost-effectiveness.

In this article, we’ll take a quick look at some of the most intriguing — and valuable — technologies your business should consider for better results in the coming year.

Choosing the Top Technologies for 2023 for Your Digital Transformation

Any business considering moving forward with a digital transformation plan must consider which of the many technologies available they want to invest in. Budgets are limited, so making the right choice is essential for the best return on investment. Here are our favorites:

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the future of business. Businesses are processing more data than ever and new technologies such as machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), and even automation, help use it for better transparency and insight. However, keeping that data accessible — and safe — is difficult with traditional IT infrastructures.

Moving data to the cloud not only helps companies provide a cost-effective way to store and use data, but it also gives them added security to deal with the current uptick in cyberattacks.


With the new interest in using data to improve business outcomes, there is an expansion of the threat landscape when it comes to cybersecurity. Hackers are dialing into the fact that companies are collecting more sensitive information to optimize their business operations. Threats for the coming year include an increase in malware, ransomware, phishing, and more supply chain attacks.

For this reason, investment in a robust cybersecurity strategy is key, as is a partnership with a competent Managed IT provider, assuming you do not have an in-house IT department.

Managed IT

With the rise in cloud-based platforms, the proliferation of data and data-based tools, and an increase in cyberattacks, smart companies are partnering with experts in IT management to stay up to date, expand capabilities, and keep data protected. Keeping up with trends in the IT world can be difficult, but working with outdated systems is not only frustrating but also exposes your company to potential threats.

Even if you have in-house IT help, most in-house IT departments simply don’t have the resources — or knowledge base — to keep your entire infrastructure managed properly. That’s why having the focusing knowledge of Managed IT experts at your fingertips can make the difference between success and failure when it comes to digital transformations and business in general.

Tech Tools for Better Communication

Communication inside — and outside — of your business environment will be a key to success in 2023. The way you engage your teams internally and assist them in collaborating with one another will define your progress. More collaboration means faster, more optimal outcomes. And reaching customers as well as providing a great customer experience (CX) is just as important. To do both, your company needs access to a wide variety of communication tools.

Technologies such as interactive whiteboards, video conferencing solutions, digital signage, and others can help foster communications between teams, among business partners, and with your target audience.

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Top Tech in 2023

RJ Young Has Targeted Tech Tools to Make Your 2023 More Profitable

At RJ Young, we have access to top technology tools that are assured to help your business achieve your goals and meet any challenges the new year may bring. By hiring only top-notch talent with leading-edge knowledge and experience and partnering with leaders in the fields of cloud computing, communications, cybersecurity, and more, we have assembled a hard-to-beat suite of tech advantages.

In addition to these, we provide access to other technologies that assist or enhance your ability to do business, such as document and print management solutions, and even physical security options to keep staff and visitors safe.

Get every technology your business needs for a productive, profitable 2023. Touch base with an RJ Young consultant today and let our team IT experts help you select the right mix for your current needs and challenges.

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