Why Sophos IT Security is Essential for Modern Business

Posted on April 12, 2021

Sophos Blog_FBWhile going digital creates numerous efficiencies and offers a lot of upsides, it has a pretty significant downside - increased security threats.  

Modern businesses face an unprecedented cyberattack landscape, with incidents predicted to occur at a rate of one every 11 seconds as we head into 2021. At this rate, cybercrime is expected to drain $10.5 trillion from the global economy by 2025. 

For businesses, cybercrime costs can include not only theft, damage, and destruction of personal and financial data, but loss of productivity, theft of intellectual property, embezzlement, fraud, business disruption, and reputation harm, among others. 

With the attack surface growing, smart businesses must monitor evolving threats and be on constant alert for suspicious activity. But, this level of involvement typically requires the knowledge and power of a full-time IT departmentUnfortunately, for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), having a strong IT security program can seem out of reach. 

Fortunately, partnering with a Managed Services provider (MSP) can help you acquire access to leading-edge IT security solutions like those offered through industry leader Sophos — without the need to hire on-staff IT talent. 

Sophos’ state-of-the-art security technologies are evolving quickly to keep abreast of current threat patterns and provide robust protection for businesses of all sizes 

Choosing Sophos IT Security Solutions to Protect Your Business 

Whether you’ve already experienced a cyberattack or you want to take preventative steps to protect your data, reputation, and business continuity from harm, calling in an expert is the right move.  

Partnering with an MSP like RJ Young can both relieve pressure on your IT staff and/or act in place of an in-house team. Additionally, it can give you access to state-of-the-art security solutions through Sophos, an industry leader in securing networks. 

You already know that an MSP can help reduce downtime, increase productivity, cut costs, and keep your system up to date. Now, you can also get exceptional peace of mind with the power and protection of Sophos IT Security in your corner. 

Here are just a few of the ways Sophos can help your business stay one step ahead of cybercriminals: 

  1. Constantly Evolving Protection

Sophos is at the forefront oIT security, protecting half a million organizationacross the globe from critical cyber threatsTheir cloud-native solutions are AI-enhanced to adapt and evolve alongside cybercriminal tactics to secure endpoints and networks. 

In fact, their Synchronized Security allows your network — from endpoints to Wi-Fi, email, and more — to share real-time information for a faster response to threats. Real-time management is key so you can: 

  • Block lateral movement by isolating endpoints 
  • Scan endpoints for suspicious activity if compromised mailbox is detected 
  • Identify all network applications 
  • Restrict Wi-Fi when non-compliant mobile device is detected 
  • Revoke encryption keys upon threat detection 

With this focus on rapid response, threats can be identified, controlled, and removed faster. 

  1. 24/7 Protection and Response 

The “and” is the key in that headline.  

Most managed detection and response (MDR) companies simply notify you when a threat is detected. Then your team must jump in and manage the response. Using Sophos gives you full-spectrum 24/7 protection plus, response experts who will immediately initiate action to stop, and control threats the moment they are detected. 

  1. Planning for Faster Recovery  

Once a threat is identified and neutralized, you will receive actionable advice to keep similar incidents from occurring. However, since hackers are always evolving new techniques to gain access to your data, it is smart to be prepared in case an attack is successful. 

That’s why having a strong backup and disaster recovery plan is crucial to business continuity. Your MSP will assist you in creating a plan that will see your business emerge from natural disasters, cyberattack, or system failures faster, and with less impact to youbottom line.  

Sophos Free Trial

RJ Young + Sophos = Your Full-Spectrum IT Security Team 

At RJ Young, our talented team of IT professionals have current, deep knowledge of how to create, deploy, and manage your IT needs with a focus on your business’s specific needs and challenges. 

Our close partnership with Sophos allows us to add an extra layer of protection and security to our endeavors, to give your business IT services and security that expands and evolves to meet the many cyberthreats facing today’s businesses,” said Harris Delchamps, technology solutions sales manager at RJ Young.  

Reduce Risk & Stop Threats With A Free 30-Day Trial 

Choose IT security that is keeping pace with escalating threats with our Sophos 30-Day free trial.  

You can also touch base with an RJ Young consultant touch base with an RJ Young consultant and learn how our IT professionals and the threat detection and response experts at Sophos can keep your data — and your business — safer. 

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