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Posted on April 19, 2020

Type into Google small business IT services near me and what will appear might seem overwhelming. Across many of the largest tech hubs of the South – Chattanooga, Nashville, Birmingham, and Huntsville – dozens of IT service providers are springing up to meet the growing need for managed IT services among businesses of all sizes.

In any given area, a mix of local and national providers are ready to provide their services. Many are excellent, with demonstrated expertise and a reputation for reliability.

The Small Business IT Dilemma

Startups and small businesses have a lot to balance when they first launch their business. From identifying the best platforms for their products or services to setting up the office internet, countless details exist that need to be addressed. However, small business owners face unique challenges when it comes to finding the right service provider and IT tools to support their company.

Many of the obstacles to overcome include:

Technology Needs and the Existing Budget

Small and medium businesses may have very limited budgets, which places them at a disadvantage when constructing their internal business processes. Having an organized, secure, and efficient office or workspace empowers a business to reach its goals more effectively.

However, acquiring the tools and devices needed to create that space – such as printers, printing supplies, servers, routers, or security software – can be difficult due to their upfront costs. Therefore, a very small business with a limited operating budget may struggle to access the technology they need to conduct business processes such as printing, managing documents, or developing information technology infrastructure.

By switching to a Managed IT Services provider, such as RJ Young, companies reduce infrastructure costs in a number of different ways. The provider takes control of your infrastructure, allowing you to downsize the amount you have on-site by using their data centers. You not only save money on the cost of the hardware, but you also save on the energy it uses and the space required to house it.

Hidden Expenses and Surprise Bills

Surprise bills are a fact of life, but for a small business, they can prove burdensome. Hidden expenses frequently come up in the office in areas such as the print environment or when discovering that a software requires a specific subscription to unlock certain business features (or even to be used commercially at all).

Likewise, a sudden computer repair or the need to hire third-party support services to solve a complicated problem can rapidly incur bills that jeopardize the operating budget and the bottom line.

However, most managed IT providers offer set monthly costs. This means companies will pay the same amount each month regardless of how much technical support they need. This also helps to keep organizations within their budget.

A Lack of Expertise Creating Detrimental Security Threats

Many business owners start their companies because they are experts in what they do. However, that expertise does not always translate to critical business assets such as cybersecurity, firewall security, or IT infrastructure. Unfortunately, a lack of working knowledge in those areas can (and will) create an extremely dangerous situation for a company.

Many small businesses cannot afford to hire full-time IT specialists to manage their network. Therefore, they settle for someone in another department who may have some IT knowledge. Not having an expert who can solve serious IT problems and get your business back on track quickly can create larger issues such as loss of or damage of business data, loss of customer trust, damaging reputation and long-lasting financial repercussions. With that being said, a cyber security breach can have a detrimental impact on your business which is why it’s important to have an IT expert available who can get you back on track quickly.

Statistics show that hackers bet on startups and small businesses to lack expertise in cybersecurity. In 2019, small businesses experienced 43% of all cyberattacks, costing as much as $200,000 per incident – much more than the cost of outsourcing your small business IT services.  

How Small Business IT Services Near You Support Business Growth

Startups and small businesses located in the tech hubs of the South (Nashville, Chattanooga, Huntsville, and now Birmingham) exist within an environment ripe with opportunity and technologically savvy competitors. Functioning IT infrastructure isn’t an advantage; it’s a necessity. That’s why many small businesses turn to managed IT services; outsourcing IT support can provide small businesses with the IT professionals and IT tools needed to succeed.

When it comes to small business IT services, choosing local has major advantages particularly in areas known for their technological startup ecosystems.

Major advantages include:

  • Services by professionals who know the community: Familiarity with the demographics of the community can prove advantageous when it comes to outsourcing IT services. Whether it is recommending local resources (such as Chattanooga’s Innovation District grants for small businesses) or making local referrals to other services, working with a local provider creates a richer customer experience.
  • Access to experts during “normal” business hours: Trying to contact a provider in another time zone can prove frustrating if the issue is urgent, especially if the problem requires an in-person service visit. In contrast, a managed service provider located in the same city or region means better access to services or guidance when needed.

Next Time You Need Nearby Local IT Services, Remember RJ Young

Consumers overwhelmingly prefer local services – that’s why Google now includes an option to search “near me.” Small business IT services are one example of a professional service with unique benefits for their customers. A local service provider can deliver enhanced customer service due to better knowledge of the community, provide access to experts during “normal” business hours and take advantage of savings due to the proximity of its customers.

RJ Young is an experienced managed IT services provider thrilled to work with small businesses across the southeastern United States. Choose local and reap the benefits of the community. RJ Young can help companies within countless miles of any of their 30 locations across nine states.

Contact RJ Young now or visit a local office nearby to learn more about small business IT services to help your organization succeed.

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