IT Outsourcing: Why IT Professionals Benefit from IT Outsourcing

Posted on January 06, 2020

Outsourcing is a common strategy across the business world. It helps reduce business expenses, access talent and infrastructure, and streamline business operations. Businesses can outsource almost every element of their processes, from manufacturing to entry-level jobs. IT outsourcing has become extremely popular, allowing companies to access top-notch security technology at a fraction of the cost.

Deploying managed IT services, or outsourced IT, is a smart move for companies especially where the existing internal IT department needs technical support or network consulting.

IT Outsourcing as a Supplement, Not a Replacement

Outsourced IT works exceptionally well when it complements a company’s existing IT infrastructure. Any company which relies on technology to communicate, advertise, or conduct business processes is going to have IT infrastructure – in other words, every business. Technology is not optional for survival.

Outsourcing IT, particularly in the form of Managed IT services, helps fill the gaps and reduce costs. For small companies, that may mean the guidance of an experienced specialist who can assist with the configuration of a server or optimization of data storage in the cloud. For larger companies, outsourcing IT may mean helping the internal department maintain critical visibility of the network, uncovering shadow IT, or merely providing backup support when the internal department gets swamped with help desk calls.

Internal IT Must Focus on What Matters

Internal IT departments play a crucial role in the digital office environment. Companies rely on phones, printers, servers, cloud services, and more – which makes staying aware of and on top of all these devices critical to success. However, the more technology that exists in an environment, the more work it takes to manage these devices, keeping them optimized and secure at all times.

That is a tough task already for internal IT, which means they have better things to do than changing print drivers or helping someone reset their login password. Imagine if these mundane lower-level tasks could be outsourced to a reliable third-party help desk that specializes in managed IT services. With RJ Young, they can be!

Outsourcing specific IT tasks like monitoring network traffic and handling help desk calls, keeps internal IT departments from getting hamstrung by basic tasks. This allows them to focus on higher-value initiatives within the company to support growth, innovation, and technological optimization.

Technical support for larger more complex projects can also be outsourced. Many of the internal IT departments within a small business, or even an enterprise-level business, do not have the bandwidth or staff to take on larger projects, such as server migrations, which is where IT outsourcing comes into play.

Low to high-level IT tasks that can be outsourced include:

  • Help desk and desktop support 
  • Managing emails for phishing attacks  
  • Providing infrastructure support
  • Managing users and resetting employee login passwords
  • Managing networks and printers
  • Network consulting
  • Server migration and support
  • Antivirus solutions installation
  • Managing regular data backups and disaster recovery
  • Ongoing remote support and 24/7 remote monitoring
  • Managing antivirus basics, virus protection, security suites, firewalls, and ransomware protection

Existing internal IT staff struggle to keep up with the growing needs of businesses, but RJ Young’s Managed IT Services can help.

More Eyes Mean Better Security

One of the most significant advantages of leveraging outsourced IT has always been the increased security this service brings to companies. With data security being such a huge concern for companies large and small, it pays to have a team of third-party specialists looking over a company’s current security strategy.

An internal IT department may be staffed with skilled, experienced, and diligent professionals, but they do more than monitor the network for suspicious traffic. In contrast, a managed IT service provider, such as RJ Young, has teams that specialize in cybersecurity. Their fresh eyes may not only catch something the internal team has overlooked, but they may also be aware of new threats or know tricks to prevent well-known security threats more efficiently.

Furthermore, having a third-party IT service on board means access to more powerful technology to monitor networks and user accounts. Whether that’s the powerful artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that many services have today or software which centralizes network monitoring. Outsourced IT lets companies take advantage of technology without needing to invest in it themselves.

More eyes mean better security. Data is the most precious commodity a business owns, and it is worth the investment to protect it.

RJ Young Works with Existing IT Departments to Increase Productivity & Improve Security

Outsourcing IT services is a strategy for improving a company’s IT infrastructure and data security. If the IT department is struggling to keep up with the needs of a growing business or the company does not have the means to invest in the tools the IT professionals need, consider enlisting a managed IT service provider to help. By handing off simple or overly complicated tasks to a third-party specialist, an internal IT department enjoys the ability to focus on the IT tasks that their internal IT team have the bandwidth and staff to handle.

Outsource your business’ cybersecurity headaches and data security projects to RJ Young. Let their team of IT professionals assist your internal IT department with technical support or network consulting.

RJ Young works with internal IT departments to streamline IT infrastructure and improve data security. Contact RJ Young today to discuss how your internal IT professionals can benefit from IT outsourcing. 

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