How Can Document Security Services Protect My Business?

Posted on August 09, 2018


Every single day your business has to deal with documents of varying importance. Some documents are simple, while others are confidential, filled with sensitive information, and perhaps even subject to government regulation. With major leaks of personal information making the news recently, there has been a greater emphasis put on document security.

Of course, not all documents carry personal information that may be subject to rules and laws. Businesses have other important documents that must be safely cared for like client lists, employee salaries, and business strategies. How can all of this be managed securely while still ensuring your business can operate without roadblocks every step of the way?

Learn how document security systems can be put in place to help your business protect the information of their clients, employees, and strategies below. Then, contact our team to learn more about the latest managed IT solutions.

Protect the Reputation of Your Business

Documents and information not properly secured can be a major risk for customer privacy, and – depending on what industry your business operates in – regulatory compliance. Lost profit due to customers leaving or regulatory fines is a very real risk when poor document security leads to a breach of privacy. In both cases, the money lost can be made back in due time. However, reputation lost due to poor document management is difficult to recover from.

Recently, there have been several high profile situations where information has fallen into the wrong hands. Facebook and Equifax are the biggest names to be caught up in such a scandal, but they are not the only companies to be affected by data breaches.

Better Efficiency with Better Document Security

When clients hear about document security systems, they may be concerned that document access will become difficult. However, the exact opposite is often true. Document security systems can improve security for operating systems while also making it easier for the right people to access documents when needed.

Some clients also believe that document security systems will cause delays in service. Paper-based systems are readily available in filing cabinets, making the physical copies easily accessible. However, digital document protection puts important information onto the network with security to keep hackers out while still allowing employees to do their job more efficiently than ever before.

Using document security systems allow businesses to set security measures for sensitive documents. These documents can only be accessed by employees with the proper permissions. This further increases security by making sure documents with sensitive information can only be viewed by authorized employees. When compared with a paper filing system, a document security system is far more flexible and secure. If an unauthorized employee were to access a paper-filing system with confidential documents, the only security is their own conscience.

Better Tracking from Start to Finish

Every time a paper document is accessed, moved, or viewed, there is an opportunity for an error to occur. Small business document security streamlines the steps between document origination and document filing to help reduce that risk. Most importantly, documents can be tracked more easily and logs clearly show who accessed what documents and when.

In addition, tracking and verification become easier on the client’s side. Instead of relying on couriers to deliver paper documents back and forth, your employees can get digital signatures on documents and have clients use a password to verify their identity when signing. This allows you to ensure that the right person has seen the documents in question.

Detailed tracking along with secure-document storage reduces the opportunity for information to go missing. Plus, if a breach were to occur, your business is better equipped to identify the problem and create a solution.

Whether you need small business document security, mid-sized business document security, or still looking to learn more information, our experts at RJ Young are here to provide solutions to fit your business needs and budget.

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