Interactive Whiteboard vs. SMARTboard

Posted on December 28, 2021

Interactive WhiteboardInteractive digital media are being used more and more as schools, businesses, and other organizations seek new ways of serving their internal and external clientele. Benefits of these digital whiteboards include increasing participation and engagement in meetings and presentations, assisting in creating a better learning environment, connecting geographically scattered teams, and more. In fact, the growing trend toward e-learning and remote working has skyrocketed interest in these tools, with a resulting market growth of 11% expected from now until 2026 — a remarkable increase considering the current economic environment. Additional impetus is expected due to new technologies such as infrared and Digital Vision Touch (DViT) that will help digital whiteboards provide additional benefits and usability across even more platforms and applications. 

However, there is some confusion surrounding the two most commonly used names for this class of technological devices: interactive whiteboards vs. SMARTboards. Most people use these terms interchangeably, but there are notable differences between the two types of digital boards. This article will help you better understand their similarities and differences. 

The Differences Between Interactive Whiteboards vs. SMARTboards 

The terms interactive whiteboard and SMARTboard are often bandied about by people discussing the pros and cons of digital whiteboard technologies. The problem is that there is a difference between the two, so being specific is important. Let’s get started: 

What Exactly is a SMARTboard? 

While most people think “smartboard,” a SMARTboard is actually SMART Technology’s brand of interactive whiteboard, so the word “smartboard” is really a misnomer. The SMARTboard was introduced as far back as 1991 as a classroom teaching tool that could make learning more interactive and engaging to students. SMARTboards act like an oversized tablet on which users can write remotely. They are computer screens that are enlarged using a projector. 

What is an Interactive Whiteboard? 

On the other hand, an interactive whiteboard is a digital device or projector that allows participants to interact with information on a whiteboard using a pen, stylus, or even their fingers. There are a huge number of makes, models, and designs, each with some level of touchscreen functionality and the ability to annotate and save new information on the fly. Interactive whiteboards are projectors with the ability to provide touchscreen functionality. 

When to Use an Interactive Whiteboard Over a SMARTboard  

Choosing an interactive whiteboard over a SMARTboard will depend on a variety of factors. First, there is a huge range of interactive whiteboards available, with each brand and model having its own specific features and functionality. When choosing a digital whiteboard or SMARTboard, consider the following: 

  • Your current internet infrastructure and what is needed for proper setup and use of an interactive whiteboard vs. a SMARTboard 
  • Your budget considerations and which option will best suit your needs while remaining cost-effective 
  • Whether your space would be best suited for a screen or a projector 
  • Which features and functions are most important for your application 

 Also, remember that many people, even sellers of this technology, interchange the terms “smartboard” with “interactive whiteboard.” When seeking advice or input on which technology is most suitable for your business or organization, make sure you know whether you are talking about smartboards or SMARTboards when comparing them with any brand of interactive whiteboards. 

Trust RJ Young for the Right Information on Interactive Whiteboard Technology 

When considering digital technologies for your school or business, you must not only keep up with changing terminologies but also with evolving features and functions of each tech choice you have available. All of that can be a daunting task, especially if you have little — or no — in-house IT support. 

At RJ Young, we have a team of experts in digital whiteboard technology that can help you make the best choice for your application — and your budget. We partner with leaders in the industry to bring you access to cutting-edge digital whiteboards in a wide range of models to serve your needs. We have everything from basic models that are perfect for small-scale use to large-screen versions with enhanced functionality and versatility that can handle all your communication and collaboration requirements. 

Let our experts guide you to the right choice in digital whiteboards. Touch base with an RJ Young consultant today and discover how a digital whiteboard can amplify learning, collaboration, and productivity for your school or business

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