Interactive Whiteboards for Classrooms

Posted on June 13, 2022

Interactive whiteboardEducators are always looking for new ways to engage student attention, especially as the pandemic took its toll on classrooms. Some states, such as Idaho, reported that less than half of students were engaged during school hours, a sharp drop from prior years. In higher education, this lack of student engagement is affecting enrollment numbers, as some schools are seeing a decrease in enrollment of up to 19%.

Some of the suggestions developed by thought leaders in the education industry include working with engaging videos that offer clear explanations and spark interest. That sparking of interest is key to inspiring students to re-engage in classroom activities, both behaviorally and cognitively. Fortunately, the pandemic has brought digital media to the forefront of education, allowing both students and teachers to increase their digital proficiency. This makes now the perfect time to introduce mainstream ways to increase access to digital learning and help reignite students’ interest in learning.

Using Interactive Whiteboards to Boost Engagement and Learning

Interactive whiteboards take a traditional whiteboard and supercharge it using technology to give teachers an easy way to make lessons more exciting and productive for students. Here are a few of the many ways these boards can help boost engagement and learning:

Clear Sight for Everyone

For many classroom lessons, a clearly written or presented experiment or formula is a necessary demonstration. When this is performed using a traditional chalkboard or whiteboard, some students sitting in the back of the room — or behind a tall or larger classmate — often find their vision obstructed. An interactive whiteboard with a projected screen removes this roadblock and innovative video technology helps all students have the same access to what is being presented.

Collaboration and Team Building

Interactive whiteboards are hands-on, allowing children to write, draw, edit, or change elements in real-time and coordinate with classmates that may be working remotely for more efficient collaboration. Teachers can project a child’s work onto the whiteboard from a tablet to share solutions and encourage discussion.

Capturing Interest Through Multi-Media

Old-school teaching limits learning to the realm of paper, pencil, and chalkboard. Using technologically advanced interactive whiteboards puts a world of learning at your students’ fingertips to help cater to individual learning styles. Auditory learners will benefit from audio clips while visual learners will be drawn to compelling videos. With its ability to provide an interactive learning experience, a high-tech whiteboard will appeal to kinesthetic learners as well, allowing them to interact with the board in a hands-on manner. Zooming in on important points, highlighting formulae with colors, and using special fonts to underscore important points are all ways to increase student attention and contribute to a more enriching and effective learning environment.

Letting Students Teach

Students often learn by doing, and interactive whiteboards provide a perfect environment for kids to show their skills. Presentations become exciting and fun and allowing students to choose the way they wish to present their work can be critical to helping them build core skills and cognitive function. Empowering students to choose the projects that matter most to them — and the way in which they want to approach and share their solutions with classmates is an important way to build skills and keep interest in learning running high.

Explore RJ Young’s Selection of Interactive Whiteboards Solutions

Today’s modern education institutions are looking for new, exciting, but cost-effective ways to increase student attention and engagement and boost learning. Interactive whiteboards offer a perfect system to build strong engagement, increase kids’ excitement about the learning process, and allow seamless collaboration between students and teaching staff.

At RJ Young, we offer interactive whiteboards in various formats to fit your school’s needs and budget. From interactive whiteboards in various sizes to high-definition flat panel displays with remote-enabled technology to projectors-plus-whiteboards for superior image quality and lumen intensity, we have the right choice for any teaching situation. For higher education organizations, we offer boards that can connect with up to 50 laptops or mobile devices in real-time for the ultimate collaborative learning experience.

Supercharge student engagement and make learning fun for students — and teachers. Touch base with an RJ Young consultant today and explore how our suite of interactive whiteboards can help your school elevate the learning experience.

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