What to Know If You’re Going to Lease a Printer

Posted on December 05, 2022

Printer LeasingPurchasing printers can become a huge financial outlay, which can be risky because printer technology changes quickly. Leasing printers can be a much better way to utilize printers in the office. But if you are going to lease one or more printers for professional reasons, choose in-house lease printing. Here’s why.

What is In-House Printer Leasing?

Leasing printers is often done through third parties. That is, a third party owns the printer, and a different party handles the lease for the printer. In these types of leases, an additional party might be handling the leasing and the financing, creating what is called a private-label lease.

Thus, you might be dealing with two or more companies...the leasing firm and then the company that owns the equipment. If you have multiple printers, they may be owned by different companies, which means you might have multiple lease terms

With in-house printer leasing, you are only dealing with one party who handles your lease and your equipment. You can benefit from multiple printers without the hassle of different leases with different lease terms. In-house printer leasing (from RJ Young) makes printer leasing easy.

Be Careful With Printer Leasing

Certain printer and office equipment leases have a little-known clause called a “Hell or High Water Clause,” which benefits the leasing company, not you. Basically, the third-party company disclaims any liability for defective goods, poor service, or equipment failure, with no recourse if the company files for bankruptcy. These terrible lease terms remove any warranty liability whatsoever.

What Are the Benefits of In-House Printer Leasing?

In-house printer leasing has many benefits for businesses, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations, as well as government agencies. These benefits include:

In-House Printer Leasing Means Reduced Upfront Costs

Printer leasing costs less than purchasing office equipment and printers upfront. You’ll also have a predictable monthly payment that you can easily budget.

With In-House Printer Leasing, You Don’t Have to Worry About Obsolete Equipment

With an in-house printer release, you can be assured that you will have the latest and greatest printer equipment available. With RJ Young’s in-house printer leasing you will have the option to upgrade your equipment at the end of every lease term. This means your organization will always have the latest printer technology at your fingertips.

Fair Printer Leasing Without a Hell Or High Water Clause

We offer fair printer leasing! Our in-house printer lease does not include one of those terrible Hell or High Water lease causes. We are committed to fair leasing that will make your business happy. Hell or High Water clauses really don’t help anyone, as they can cause major disruptions to businesses, and we want our customers to be successful. When our customers are successful, we are successful.

In-House Printer Leasing Is Flexible

Because we handle all printer leasing in-house, we can be very flexible. This means that we can provide variable billing options and coterminous terms for added equipment, flexible equipment relocation, and easy termination as well as renewal options.

We Can Also Maintain Your Printers With Managed Print Services

With our Managed Print Services solution, we can also maintain the printers that you have leased, to make sure that they are working properly and functioning at their maximum capacity. With our expertise, you can be assured that your printer fleet is making your business more productive, not less.

Interested in Leasing a Printer for Your Business? RJ Young Can Help

Interested in printer leasing? RJ Young makes printer leasing easy and reliable with our concierge in-house printer leasing services. By leasing through us, you don’t have to hassle with third parties and can get all your printing equipment from the same place. Because we handle printer leasing in-house, we can customize the program to what best fits your business’s or organization’s short and long-term needs.

Interested in leasing a high-quality printer for your business or organization? RJ Young offers flexible printer leases with the best equipment. Contact us today at 800-347-1955 to get help from one of our printing experts.

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