Should You Buy or Lease an Office Copier?

Posted on May 16, 2022

Office copiersWith every decision you make as a business owner, you must consider the big picture.

Change is a constant in the professional world – but the changes you commit to don’t always have to be permanent in nature.

Take the topic of office hardware. You know you need it. You know you’ll use it regularly. But do you know with absolute certainty that you’ll need it indefinitely? Do you know that you won’t want to upgrade or that you won’t discover something better?

It’s these questions that fuel the big debate all business owners must consider – buying versus leasing.

For an office copier, this question is crucial. It’s a sizable investment and can contribute heavily to your company’s productivity. If you buy, you’re committed to the decision. If you lease, you leave some room to maneuver.

Which is the best option for you? As with most things in the world of business, it depends on your situation – and the type of people you work with, along with the contractual terms they offer.

Pros of Buying a Copier

Simple phrases like “buying in” and “sold on it” show that the concept of making a purchase indicates a true commitment to something.

Businesses are all about convincing people to make purchases, so it’s only natural they’d take their own very seriously. Even facilities like schools, hospitals, and government agencies that aren’t focused on turning a profit must commit to equipment that suits their needs.

What are the advantages if you choose to buy an office copier? One is the sense of finality. Even if you’re on a payment plan, once you sign the documents, the device is yours.

For some people, this makes them more inclined to learn their way around the device and get the most out of it. There can be a psychological motivator in the fact that you’ve committed to a purchase, and therefore should be committed to maximizing your use of the device.

Pros of Leasing a Copier

Business owners know that things don’t always go according to plan. Sometimes it’s better to be flexible in the decisions you make.

Given how quickly things can change in the professional world, leases provide companies with room to adjust to new developments. When you lease a copier, you’re likely making a much lighter financial and contractual commitment.

There’s less worry about the device not working out, leaving you stuck with something you don’t want. There’s also more freedom for you to upgrade to a new model, switch to a secondary option, or renegotiate your lease for better terms.

Simply put, the lease option provides some valuable breathing room that business owners may appreciate, especially when they’re investing in their company’s future.

What to Look for in a Lease

When you’re looking to lease a copy machine, it’s not just about the hardware itself – when you’re considering this option, you need to find a lease that offers the right terms. When you are considering a lease, ask these questions:

Are There Surprise Fees?

When you work with RJ Young, you won’t have to worry about document or administrative fees. These are often tacked on and sneaked in with some companies’ lease options to inflate the price. When you are looking to save money by leasing, it only makes sense to seek a lease with no surprise fees.

Is Property Tax Billed at the End of the Year?

Property tax is another fee that can leave a company paying more than they planned. We don’t bill this at the end of the year, so there’s no worry about being hit with a hefty cost before you can close out the year – because who wants to celebrate another 12-months in business with another bill?

No Forced Insurance

With most office hardware, insurance is highly recommended – for some devices, it’s required. If you’re leasing a copy machine, some vendors may make insurance mandatory. But if you’re leasing to keep costs low, or because you plan to use the equipment sparingly or for a short time, insurance may not make the most sense. We don’t require this in an office copier lease.

Hassle-Free Pickup at Term’s End

The terms of your lease have ended, and you’ve gotten all the use out of the equipment that you need. But what now? Some companies will try to stick you with the cost of having the equipment packed up and shipped back. Not us – RJ Young makes the process easy and convenient even at the lease’s end.

Did You Read the Fine Print?

When you’re looking to get an office copier, leasing can be the better option if you find a contract with the right terms. When you look for a lease, look for a partner who can provide you with the terms that make sense.

RJ Young is here to help you lease an office copier with the best conditions available. You’ll get transparent terms that provide you with certainty and confidence about prices, fees, requirements, servicing, and pickup. You’ll get more than a piece of office hardware when you work with us – you’ll get a professional relationship designed to serve your business’s needs. Contact us today.

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