5 Ways ePASS from RJ Young Makes Your Life Easier

Posted on May 12, 2018

Do you spend a lot of your precious time managing supplies for your printer and copier? ePASS from RJ Young makes your requests automated, streamlined and straightforward.

Printing Supply Needs Are Simple

ePASS is RJ Young’s customer portal, designed to make your life easier. You’ll find it easy to place maintenance requests, order toner and other printing supplies, submit meter readings and more. Each user has their own individual login, and you can easily find and order exactly what you need from the team at RJ Young.

5 Ways We Help You Work Faster

ePASS is a one-stop shop for all your printer and copier needs. Here are just a few of the things you can do through your account:

1. Order your toner, ink, and other supplies

Never miss a moment of printing while you wait for more toner!

2. Automate your service requests

Just a few clicks and your certified RJ Young repair person will be on his or her way. Minimize downtime! Plus, submit service calls 24/7.

3. Submit meter readings

Submitting your meter readings is easier than ever. One quick login, enter your reading, and voila—you can see your updated account status immediately.

4. Pay invoices online

After submitting your meter reading through the system, you can quickly pay your invoices online and review your account. Saved payment options make it even faster!

5. Request moves instantly

Is your office moving? Put in a request to move your equipment into the system and consider it done.

ePASS Makes Life Easier

With ePASS from RJ Young, your business can run more efficiently through automating printer and copier requests. From reordering toner to paying invoices to requesting service visits, we manage everything. RJ Young is committed to helping your business thrive and makes your printer and copier needs hassle-free. Learn more about ePASS with RJ Young today!

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