Copier Security Tips to Keep in Mind

Posted on May 02, 2022

Copier SecurityIf you’ve spent any amount of time at all in the business world, you know that certain things are commonplace.

When you think of the office, a few iconic images immediately come to mind. The classic copy machine is one of the most enduring and popular items you’re likely to find in any business environment.

Just like certain pieces of hardware are common in the business world, there are a few priorities that always rank high on a professional’s list – one of which is security.

In the age of digital transformation, keeping your company secure involves securing your hardware. While you may know that your main computers and internet routers are easy targets for cyberattacks, did you know that even that common office copier could be a security liability?

When you have a copier, especially a modern one with connectivity options, it’s important to make sure this unit is secure so it’s providing maximum value to your company without putting you at risk.

Is Your Copy Machine Really a Liability?

Some business owners may scoff at the idea of their copier being a security liability. Admittedly, it does sound odd and far-fetched at first – seriously, the copy machine?

The reason why some people may overlook the copier as a security risk is because there are so many other obvious targets.

These obvious targets are often the subject of a company’s primary security measures. When you have cybersecurity protocols, data backup processes, and disaster recovery procedures, it’s likely you’re basing them around your core hardware.

Your primary data servers, administrative computers, and primary communication systems are all integral to the operation of your business and must be secured. But so long as your copier is connected to the network and accessible by anyone else digitally or even physically, you need to ensure it’s protected.

Sometimes it’s the least obvious targets that end up compromising an entire network because they’re the easiest to breach. Once a data thief has accessed your copier, they can access the documents processed through it – and depending on the nature of the breach, they may be able to access the rest of your network.

Some Simple Tips to Secure Your Copier

Do you really need to use a modern copier if it’s a security liability? This question should be answered just like you’d answer a cybersecurity question about any other device.

You don’t ditch your computers, your tablets, your VoIP phones, or your other office technology because it could be exploited. Instead, you pick devices and partners that allow you to keep your devices (and your company) secure.

A quality office copier that’s built for connectivity can be monitored easily. With the right system in place, you can tell who can access the machine and when. You can also ensure each document run through your copy machine is protected and stored safely.

To secure your copier:

  • Keep track of who has access to it
  • Make sure the device is protected by passwords
  • Ensure any device connecting to it is protected as well
  • Regularly check your network for other cybersecurity risks
  • Contact a managed service provider for help

When you secure your copier, you close an entry point into your network – and you ensure that this device functions as a tool for business productivity without putting your network, your data, or your company at risk.

Managed Services Make Cybersecurity Easier

If you invest in managed print services and get a MFD or business copier run by a specialist, you set yourself up to get the absolute most value from your device.

A managed service provider can provide the valuable services you need for your hardware. This includes regular software updates and cybersecurity protections to make sure the copier is protected from the latest risks in the digital world.

Monitoring a device can also provide you with valuable information about its usage. Being able to tell who uses a copier, when, and in what amount not only provides you with insights you can use for security purposes but for reducing the costs associated with your device as well.

Managed services mean the burden of managing your copier is off your back – it’s handled by trusted professionals who are dedicated to keeping your device secure and ensuring it provides the optimal ROI.

Secure Your Copier and Your Company’s Future

Even a lone device like a copier can have a massive impact on your company’s future. With remote and mobile access, plus compatibility with a variety of paper sizes and media types, the right copier opens you up to countless creative possibilities.

The best part? You don’t have to worry about your copier being a security risk. When you have a copy machine you can count on, and a technology partner you can count on, you’re putting your business on track to greater success.

RJ Young offers high-quality business copiers and multi-function devices designed to meet all your professional needs. We’ll help you manage and secure your device so you can use it confidently without worrying about security risks. Contact us today to learn more.

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