Choosing the Right Copier Dealer

Posted on May 09, 2022

CopierMost business resources can be placed in one of two categories – equipment and partnerships.

The products and people you employ can have a massive impact on your productivity. Some say that aside from original ideas and a strong work ethic, these are the biggest assets you can have.

When you’re in the market for office hardware like a new copier, scanner, or printer, it’s not just the device that has a big impact on your outcomes. The dealer you choose to work with can also have a massive effect on your results.

You may be thinking that when it comes to purchasing any piece of business technology, it’s the features that matter most. But the truth is that good features and good deals are a byproduct of good connections.

Do you have a copier dealer that equips you with the right devices to empower your business? Do they think not only about how to get you the best deal, but what moves will help grow your business?

Equipment Matters, But So Does the Dealer

Equipment and partners have a lot in common. Both should be chosen not only with the present needs of your company in mind but for its long-term future. When you picture your company in a year, or five, or ten, are they in the picture?

Even a great copier with positive reviews and a solid brand name behind it will provide variable returns for different users. It’s all about having the right people behind it because they can impact some of the most important aspects of the deal.

For example, if the dealer is a managed service provider who understands the bigger picture of business tech, they can help you pick a copier that’s smoothly compatible with your current office hardware setup – or even better, your future growth plans.

Dealers that take time to consult with the customers and assess their needs are proving they’re after more than just a buy – which makes them more than just a seller. It makes them into a partner that you can rely on.

Do You Get the Support You Need?

When buying any piece of office hardware in 2022, you’ll inevitably need support to go with it.

Even if you’re proficient with every copier, scanner, or printer you’ve ever touched, and can master business tech within a short period of using it, your time is precious.

Your customers and team rely on you. Even if you can use your office hardware to serve them, the time it takes to manage it is taken away from the people who need you the most. This is why you need support services you can rely on.

Is your device secure? If it connects with the rest of your network, you need to ensure it’s integrated with your IT security setup, applicable workflow software, and communication tools so all authorized parties in the office (or out) can use it.

You’ll also need to be clear about monitoring usage and supplies – being able to order automatically when you run low ensures you never run out and you always make optimal use of your resources.

A Dealer Should Be a Partner Who Helps You Grow

We’ve talked briefly about growth, but what does it actually mean in terms of business partnerships? Specifically when it comes to office hardware, what does a growth-minded deal look like?

One example could include something like volume. If your current print, scan, and copy needs could double, triple, or quadruple in the near future, you may need to pick a device accordingly. Or if one need could outpace the others, such as copying, you may want a dedicated business copier over a multifunction printer.

Your dealer should be focused on helping you buy or lease for tomorrow, next quarter, and next year – not only does this show they are invested in your future for your sake, but it also shows they’re invested in being a part of it by supporting you.

Pick a Partner Who is Prepared to Serve You

The right copier dealer will do one thing above all – they’ll treat you as an individual.

Instead of just trying to move another piece of office hardware or secure another contract, they’ll show a vested interest in finding the right fit for your needs both today and in your company’s future as you see it.

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