The Many Advantages of Printer Leasing in a Shaky Economy

Posted on January 23, 2023

Printer LeasingAs our economy continues to fluctuate wildly, teetering on the edge of recession, many smart businesses are looking for ways to control capital expenditures and reduce negative impacts on their bottom lines. At the same time, businesses must control costs while finding ways to boost productivity, which typically means investing in leading-edge equipment. Next-gen office equipment such as printers are typically more efficient, faster, and provide higher quality output than their outdated predecessors, so it makes sense that investing in these machines can also help your business optimize workplace efficiency.

But many companies worry about affording the high initial investment for these devices — on top of potential monies for parts, service, and troubleshooting that is necessary to keep these machines running properly and at peak performance. That’s where printer leasing comes into play. Leasing a printer can bring you faster and more efficient performance that will keep your business competitive while keeping your bottom line healthier.

How Printer Leasing Can Help Your Business Optimize Productivity — and Stay Fiscally Responsible

In the post-COVID, pre-recession era we are facing, most businesses are paying close attention to their bottom lines. Leasing a printer rather than purchasing one outright can offer a tremendous advantage by providing superior technology without the significant up-front costs typically associated with machines of this quality.

Why Your Business Needs Newer Printers

Legacy equipment is often more expensive to keep running than it is to replace — especially if you are considering leasing a printer. Older devices have less efficient technology and are often less intuitive. In addition, parts may be challenging to come by and machine downtime can be consistent — and frustrating. On the other hand, when you lease a printer, you can get the latest and greatest technology — including all the monthly maintenance and troubleshooting services you require — nicely condensed into one, easy to budget, monthly payment.

Newer printers put higher quality, better performance, and optimized processing at your fingertips so your team can work faster and more efficiently than ever, with fewer — or no — episodes of frustrating machine downtime.

Other Advantages of Printer Leasing

You already know that a leased printer brings better efficiency to your workplace, but it also comes with a host of other solid advantages.

Because the monthly payments of a printer lease never fluctuate, your business is able to more accurately budget for future expenditures or savings. And a printer lease can help you preserve vital working capital that you can now use for vital, mission-critical tasks or simply save as added protection against unexpected shifts in the market — or the economy.

Finally, at the end of your lease, you may have the option to upgrade, exchanging your equipment for even newer models and better technologies, keeping your business humming, and maintaining your competitive edge. And best of all, you will never be stuck with clunky, obsolete, hard-to-service equipment that chips away at your capital with “surprise” parts or service needs.

Let RJ Young’s Printer Leasing Program Help You Stay Efficient — and Solvent

There is a lot of conjecture and hype over how bad the coming recession may be. But any way you look at it, the next year will bring with it a lot of uncertainty and disruption. To be prepared, your business must take careful aim at both controlling capital expenditures and increasing productivity and efficiency. If you can do both of these simultaneously, you have a formula for strong progress and success, even in an unstable marketplace.

At RJ Young, we offer a printer leasing program that provides powerful advantages and can help your business achieve both optimization and protection for your bottom line. Our in-house leasing program provides you with the option of upgrading equipment at the end of each leasing term, offering you access to next-gen technology that is designed for efficiency, performance, and quality. And you’ll get these benefits for one low, reliable, easy-to-budget monthly payment.

Protect your bottom line while keeping your business efficient, effective, and productive. Touch base with an RJ Young consultant today and discover the many advantages our in-house printer leasing program can offer.

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