The Benefits of Cloud-Based Business Phones

Posted on October 24, 2022

Cloud phone systemBusiness phone systems are a critical part of your communications infrastructure. Fortunately, cloud-based telecom technologies make it easy for businesses to establish a robust yet flexible phone infrastructure.

The days of being tied to a landline are gone – and this is a good thing!

What Is a Cloud-Based Business Phone?

A cloud-based business phone is one that uses the technology of the Internet to deliver voice communications. Traditionally, this technology has been called Voice Over IP or VoIP. However, today’s cloud-based telecommunication systems go beyond just recreating a phone experience using Internet protocols. Cloud-based business phones can do so much more because they can integrate with other types of communication platforms and create a synergistic telecommunications experience for businesses.

Cloud-Based Business Phones vs. Landlines

Telephones were initially created over physical wires called landlines. Landlines, or hardwired phones, are still commonly used in business as well as residential homes. The problem with landlines, however, is that if you ever want to add an additional phone, you need to add more wiring. If you have a growing business, this obviously can be a challenge. You’ll need a phone company technician to come out, pay them extra money to install the new lines and deal with the restrictions of where the wiring can or cannot go.

Furthermore, if your office moves, you can’t bring all that wiring with you. You’ll need to rewire it at your new location. If you move to a new area code, you will need to also get completely new telephone numbers.

The Advantages of Cloud-Based Business Phone Systems

Cloud-based business telephone systems have many advantages over traditional hard-wired landlines. Here are just a few of the benefits of cloud-based and VoIP communications:

Cloud Frees You From the Landline

Cloud-based telephone systems do not have the physical limitations of landlines.

Cloud-based business telephone systems do not rely on old-fashioned wiring to deliver phone communications. Instead, they leverage the infrastructure of the Internet. With cloud-based telephones, a business will no longer need a dedicated, hardwired voice line. With the cloud, if your business needs to move, your telephone numbers and entire communications infrastructure can easily move with you.

With the cloud, business phone systems can fully integrate with a variety of current communication modalities, like voice conversations, instant and asynchronous messaging, video conferencing, and more.

Cloud Business Phones Offer Scalability and Growth

Perhaps the number one reason why businesses of all sizes move to cloud-based phone systems is scalability. One of the amazing innovations of VoIP technology has been the ability to simply add on a new phone line with a snap of a finger practically.

Rather than having to install a whole new telephone wire to a building, with cloud phones, you can easily add as many numbers as you need. The sky is the limit. This makes it very easy for you to add phone numbers as you add employees. And, if you need to reduce the numbers you can! However, since the phone numbers are really just virtual, you can use them in a flexible way without being tied down to physical wiring.

Hybrid and Remote Work With Cloud-Based Business Phone Systems

This brings us to our next point. With the increase in remote and hybrid work environments, cloud-based business phone systems are in many ways essential. With a cloud phone setup, your remote employees can access a business phone number from their at-home office. You won’t have to worry about setting up infrastructure at their location, because all they need is good Internet access, which they will already have because they are working remotely.

Transition to Cloud-Based Business Phones Today!

RJ Young can move your business to the cloud with the best integrated cloud-based business phone systems. Our cloud phone technologies do more than just help you answer phone calls. We can integrate all aspects of business communication into a seamless experience for you and your employees. Your cloud-based phone system will easily interface with email, messaging, video conferencing, and more. This modern solution is scalable and can be customized to your specific business needs.

Interested in moving your telecommunications to the cloud? RJ Young can make it happen. Contact us today at 800-347-1955 to get help from one of our business phone system experts.

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