Fully Managed IT Services in Chattanooga: Three Ways RJ Young Can Help Your Business

Posted on October 05, 2019

Nestled in an emerald valley with a backdrop of mountains, Chattanooga, Tennessee is an unlikely and thriving competitor against tech companies in New York City and Silicon Valley. Over the past decade, Chattanooga propelled to the forefront of preferred locations for tech startups due to its remarkable combination of history, forward-thinking policies, and push to create a vibrant startup ecosystem. Today, as a tech hub for fully managed IT services, Chattanooga continues to flourish due to the number of tech opportunities appearing.

Despite the abundance of fully managed IT services in Chattanooga, RJ Young has remained the preferred managed IT service provider in the area for many years. Chattanooga businesses – from small to enterprise-level – trust RJ Young to assist them with exactly what they need when they need it. No unpleasant surprises or unnecessary challenges.

Whether you are a seasoned, large organization or a tiny startup in Chattanooga, RJ Young can help your organization’s IT functions run smoothly.

What are Managed IT Services?

A managed IT service provider is a third-party that is responsible for the functionality of a company’s IT services and equipment. They maintain updated technology while managing unpredictable conditions and tight budgets to assist with a business’s needs.

Managed IT service providers can address a wide range of IT needs including cybersecurity, help desk support, networking support, anti-malware, email filtering, and more. These services can be easily budgeted for businesses as they pay monthly or annually. Most providers will do an IT network assessment and look at several factors such as the number of users, licensing, hardware and software upgrades, 24/7 support versus business hours support, and more. An effective managed IT service provider should provide a backup and disaster recovery strategy to prevent the damaging impact of an emergency, as well as recommend software solutions to accommodate a business’s specific needs.

Three Ways RJ Young’s Managed IT Can Help Your Business

Choosing an IT provider, especially in Chattanooga, can be difficult – RJ Young makes it simple.

With excellent employment opportunities, impressive tech infrastructures, and a low cost of living, Chattanooga is an attractive choice for tech sector startups and young professionals seeking a change of pace. However, a thriving tech scene also means the city has attracted an excess of managed service providers.

For the dozens of major companies who reside in Chattanooga, this overflow of managed service providers can be frustrating and can make the process of finding the right managed service provider unnecessarily difficult.

RJ Young understands the importance of helping startups transition into the new digital environment. With technology constantly changing, it’s difficult to keep systems secure and operating at peak performance. Here are the unique ways RJ Young’s managed IT services can help lightning the burden.

1.    Reliable IT Service Provider

When choosing a managed IT service provider, uptime, retention rates, and client lists are all important elements to take into consideration. RJ Young has the necessary trained staff to deliver the services required to meet a startup’s ever-changing needs.

If you are a small startup and your network goes down, you may be put in a queue behind larger organizations. It may be days or even weeks before you are up and running again. At RJ Young, their IT services team is fully staffed with help desk technicians, project managers, network engineers, network architects, and everything in between. Due to the wide range of skilled professionals on staff, unique IT needs are addressed quickly and effectively.

2.    Full-Service Solutions

RJ Young is a one-stop shop to get exactly what you need when you need it. In additional to IT Services, RJ Young offers copiers and printers, managed print services, outsourced printing and promotional items, and wide format printers. Essentially, all services to help your business be as productive and efficient as possible. Alternatively, most IT providers are only that – IT providers. RJ Young understands the importance of being that one central touchpoint for all of a business’s needs – users will have no question who to turn to in the event of an issue or challenge.

3.    Cost Control

RJ Young’s managed IT services allow businesses to take control of their IT costs and create custom solutions to match their unique business goals. When determining the cost of a managed IT services contract, RJ Young’s IT experts look at several factors such as the number of users, licensing, hardware upgrades, 24/7 support versus business hours support, and more. One of the many benefits of RJ Young’s managed IT services is that all contracts are one flat, predictable cost every month.

RJ Young Provides Fully Managed IT Services in Chattanooga and Throughout the Southeast

Today, as a tech hub for startups and fully managed IT services, Chattanooga is gaining more prominence each day. However, not all fully managed IT service providers in Chattanooga are created equal. When it comes to choosing a professional service to support a startup’s success, experienced companies offer the best insights and solutions to handle whatever challenge that may arise. RJ Young has been in business for over 60 years and has experience developing custom solutions for startups, small businesses, and established enterprise-level businesses across a variety of industries in Tennessee and throughout the Southeast. RJ Young partners with some of the best companies in the industry to provide reliable and secure hardware and software solutions.

RJ Young provides expert guidance in business processes and managed IT services in Chattanooga. Contact RJ Young today to get started.

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